This disease occurs in the bones of the hands, feet, head and other body parts. The result is cold, use of drugs that are not dedicated well or through poor diet.

There are many people who suffer from this disease, and mostly are guilty themselves because not treated well colds at the time.

But there is a more severe form of rheumatism that is obtained by using toxic drugs and food.

Any causes that are, there are several ways of treating. The one who is struck by this disease may choose this remedy that will certainly be helpful.

Rheumatism if is recent, can cure with gymnastics and particularly with those parts of the body in which feels. At the same time ill limb (arm, leg) should rub twice a day with warm, clean cloth that has previously well smeared with tallow, and then perform with a warm woolen cloth.

Against Rheumatism take this medicine:

Cook brans and in the water of cooked brans, steam the affected part of the body every night around quarter of an hour. Then take the onion, chop it with fingers, and with this onion incase the sick place

Around the middle of the night you should  get up and pour a little water to pass between the body and the onion. It repeats every night until the disease passes.

The disease will disappear in a short time.

For rheumatism can use this remedy:

Prepare clay and knead it well and make it like a big cake thickness 3-4 fingers. With him perform painful places and hold over all night. This should be done several times periodically.

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