Are you one of the many parents finding yourself in the situation where your child complains of earache late at night? What is the first instance that crosses your mind? Do you check fluids dripping from your kid’s nose and check the temperature? Don’t take your child’s earache casually. The ear infection affecting a child is a serious issue that must not be ignored. Apart from the severe pain and the discomfort, your child is also at a risk of complete hearing loss due to the neglected ear infections.

Do you know the Eustachian tubes in kids are not so powerful like the adults? Henceforth, even during a simple cough and cold the tubes get swollen and blocked and henceforth there is painful ear infection. Ear infections among adults is a rare occasion, but even if it occurs you can treat it as well as your kid’s ear infection in a naturally safe and effective manner with the aid of essential oils.

Try out the natural healing process for earaches

During the treatment of ear infections lavender and tea tree are considered as the best antiseptic essential oils.  You need to dilute the two essential oils into olive oil and make sure you are applying the solution only on the outside part of your ears and on the side of your necks. You should not use the solution inside your ear.

Often problems related to the ear are the results of throat infections. In such a situation, you should carry out gargle using tea tree oil and lavender as it can soothe the earache and also relieve you from throat pain. In case the problem persists with only one ear, it is suggested to treat both your ears and continue the treatment for a few more days so that it doesn’t reappear again.

What is the aromatherapy solution apt for ear related issues?

  • 3 drops of lavender oil
  • 3 drops of tea tree oil
  • 6 drops of Roman chamomile
  • 1 ounce of carrier oil

You need to rub the above prepared mixture around your ears and also on the sides of your neck. In fact, you can pour some on cotton and also put it in your ear. In case you want to apply this solution to your kids, dilute it. Since garlic is antibacterial in property, it is good for treating ear inflammation and pain caused due to infections. Garlic is used as a natural solution for treating the fungal ear infection (swimmer’s ear) that also causes itching.

Any alternative product?

Ear-Heal drops is considered to be a natural and a safe homeopathic solution for treating ear infection. It is recommended for adults and kids above 10 years of old and is also better than the antibiotic treatments. The homeopathic drops are considered to be of the highest quality as the team of natural medical experts have manufactured it.

Source: Health & Beauty Power