Believe it or not, there is one point on your leg that can do wonders for your overall health if massaged from time to time. This point is known in acupuncture as San Yin Jiao, situated at the central part of tibia, on your legs.

Massaging this point will be particularly useful for females, who are typically more vulnerable and stressed out, and it can positively affect their beauty and self-confidence as well. But it is also beneficial for men, of course. Some of the positive influences of this massage include:

  • More elastic skin
  • Balancing the gastrointestinal tract
  • Stronger sexual craving
  • Increased function of uterus and ovaries (which can increase chances for pregnancy)
  • Regular menstrual cycle

Massage instructions:

Massage THIS Point to Stop Stress, Sleep Better and Restore Youthfulness To Your Skin2

The crucial thing is to find exactly where this point is situated on your legs. To do this accurately, set 4 fingers atop your ankle on the inner section of one of your legs. After doing so, the exact point will be placed under your index finger.
Next, apply pressure on the surface behind tibia to begin with the massage. The massage should last about 10 minutes, and for the best effect you should perform it at night. Do this every day, and the amazing results will be evident soon enough.

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