A number of people have heard about reflexology, massage therapies, and acupuncture, which originate from the Eastern Medicine. Thus, the methods are used for healing methods to get rid of pain, illness, stress or trauma, for a number of years. In the medicine of western, they are accepted, a number of years ago.

The ancient healing practice of the Japanese, which is not that popular to a number of people, at the Centre for complementary therapies, which are practiced to get rid of depression, PTSD, anxiety, chronic back or even neck pain. Mary Burmeister is Asian; who is an Asian American woman in the 1950’s brought the practice to the US. She too met an expert in the field, who was called Jiro Murai.

Here you can get a video, where the method is shown to you, with description. It involves light pulling and squeezing of each of the fingers, which can help you to get rid of extreme emotional states, like anger, depression, anxiety, fear, as well as sorrow. The emotional parameters are beyond normal. Each of the human finger address different issues.

The treatment can be done with other treatments, as well. It is great for adults, but is also helpful for the children who want to reach emotional, as well as spiritual balance.

Source: Healthy Magazine 365