Having trouble with weak immune system? A Russian expert offers the simplest solution possible!
Professor Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky, the famous Moscow specialist in kinesiotherapy recommends a simple method for boosting the immune system:

Every evening, after you return home from a hard day’s work, pour 10-15 centimeters of completely cold, ice-cold, water into the tub or basin. Do not add any warm water! Then enter into the tub, barefoot, and tap with your feet in the ice-cold water for just 10-15 seconds! You can even start dancing to some joyous tune.

After that, come out of the tub and wipe your feet with a rough terry towel and put on your wool socks. Do this every evening and you will significantly boost your immunity.

If you are already suffering from flu, it’s all the more reason to be resolute and boost your immune system. In this case, you should tap with your bare feet in the ice-cold water every 4 hours.

“Do not fear of aggravating your condition; on the contrary, by such hardening of your organism you will boost your immune system,” doctor Sergey assures.