Have you ever heard of addiction in fish? Drug addiction or doping is a problem common to humans, be it adult or juvenile. However, addiction in fish, especially in juvenile Chinook salmon might sound quite shocking. Yet, it’s true. Researches have proven the fact that salmon obtained from Puget Sound were found to be a carrier of as many as 80 types of drugs. While some carried medicines prescribed for humans, there were others which were found to carry antidepressants and cocaine.

According to the reports, the researchers concluded about the contamination of salmon after examining the water of sewage plants located in and around the Puget Sound area. The news of contamination in an area close to Seattle, Washington set an alarm for many fish lovers, as they could never expect fishes to have a significant concentration of personal care products or any strong drugs. The reports also indicated that both stag-horn sculpin bred locally and migratory Chinook salmon are at risk, even though they were believed to be in pristine water away from the sewage plant.

What the Seattle Times Say?

After the reports surfaced, the Seattle Times stated that the drugs found in the fishes included, caffeine, nicotine, Darvon, Oxycontin, Tagamet, Zoloft, Valium, Paxil, Tylenol, Aleve, Flonase. Apart from that, traces of different antibiotics, Cipro, antiseptics, fungicides as well as anticoagulants were also found. When asked about the huge drug level in the water, environmental toxicologist of NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Jim Meador said that it might be because of the drug usage pattern of people here. He even said that the high drug level might also be because of the processes involved in treating wastewater inside the plants. Meador is also the chief author of an article on the Environmental Pollution journal.

Failure of Sewage Treatment Plant In Coping Up With The Problem

While the drug level of salmon has come as a shock, the poor condition of the water here has raised many eyebrows, as the wastewater treatment plant appears to be inefficient in offering effective treatment. The reports about the water also indicate higher presence of fecal coliform occurring mostly due to the leakage in the septic tanks.

The unhygienic condition of water has set an alarm in the area, especially for the environment conscious people. Wastewater Treatment Division’s county permit administrator, Betsy Cooper said that the treatment plants located in the King County have proven effective in drug removal from wastewater. Yet, he added that certain drugs like the seizure drugs are very stubborn and cannot be removed. However, the treatment reduces the ibuprofen levels.

Who is responsible?

As the water condition has deteriorated, experts are now in quest of the factor or people responsible for this. Cooper in his report said that the water treatment plants are not solely responsible for this condition as these plants make their best to treat the water. Yet, the drugs and chemicals used by humans are in excess, making it difficult to remove. She even added that the excessive dependence on drugs is now making toxic effects on other species. Indicating the act to be quite shameful, she said that humans do not have any right to poison other species and it is high time that human start to realize the adverse effects of drugs on the entire environment. Cooper concluded saying that dependence on chemical medicines is not the solution for the diseases but is actually the cause of several problems.

What is the perfect solution?

There is no denying the fact that the Western pharmaceutical medicine is advantageous, yet it is not the just only way out for dealing with all issues. Nowadays, one can find several natural remedies, which can help in dealing with the problems in a better way and without harming other. The condition at Puget Sound clearly shows, how a bad decision by humans can affect other species related to them. So, instead of poisoning the human species along with others, it is high time men start to think twice about their decision.

Source: Natural News