It could be that you are suffering from osteoporosis and the pain that might be felt due to this disease.  If so, then oil and sale can prove to be a wonderful medicinal mixture and a great natural remedy that not only would provide you with instant relief from pain, but also assure you of not getting back that pain for a very long time.

An excellent combination

It is termed to be a massage mixture that is prepared with salt (one can make use of sea salt) and unrefined vegetable oil. This mixture could be used for the purpose of medication and for the whole course. What you will need is oil (sunflower or olive) of about 20 tablespoons and salt of around 10 tablespoons. For treating Osteochondrosis, the medicinal compound is as follows:


Take a glass bottle and put both the salt and oil in it and mix it well, after which you need to close it. You are to avail a lighter mixture after few days.

Its application

Taking this medicinal mixture, you are to rub it on the cervical vertebrae and in those places, where you feel extreme pain every morning and massage it vigorously. This massage is to be performed regularly for about two to three minutes regularly and to increase the time by around 2 to 3 minutes, so as to give the whole massaging time around 20 minutes. Once the massage is thoroughly done and completed, the neck is then to be wiped, using a warm, wet towel for better effects.

Minor skin irritation might take place, when performing such procedures. It is for this reason, it is advisable to have a dry cloth and to wipe the skin, once massage is completed and to use baby powder and sprinkle it on the region.

This treatment course is to be followed for about ten days, with which it becomes to enhance bone tissues and muscle-cartilage regeneration and to stimulate blood circulation. Radical changes can be noticed after completing 8 to 10 procedures.

With this procedure, the cervical spine witnesses re-establishment of blood flow, improved vision and disappearance of headaches. This is because toxins are released from the body and metabolism is normalized.

You may feel a bit dizzy or drowsy, when performing the cleansing process, something that does not occur often. In this manner, osteochondrosis can be treated without facing any side effect and to derive excellent results.