Witch stab, hexenschuss and lumbago are also known as Low back pain.

Back pain is one of the major health problems faced by many people today.

What Is It?

There are 33 vertebrae, 5 sacrum, 12 thoracic,7 cervical, 4 coccyx and 5 lumber, are all connected to various ligaments, nerves, blood vessels and muscles that hold the body together.

The spinal cord and the nerve roots of the legs and arms connects through the canal in the spine, this allows for an upright posture.

The spine performs many functions and it is exposed constantly to the mechanical action of the load, such as pressure, shear, bending, train and twisting which leads to overuse.

There are different motion range perfomed by different parts of the spine, this accounts for the low mobility in the chest region and the high mobility in the neck region.

The pain can be caused by degenerative changes between one part of the spine to another.

Risk Category

Low back pain is usually caused by degenerative process, congenital anomalies, sedentary jobs, Hard physical jobs and osteoporosis. Also the pain can be as a result of injuries or spine operations.

Treatment and Prevention

Comfrey is a popular herb that helps all those who suffer from back pain. According to researchers, this herb makes their lives easier. It is usually located near water, in meadows, wet fields and ditches.


A research was carried out be experts at German Sports University. 120 people who suffer from lower and upper back pain participated in the research, in order to test an ointment that contains comfrey root extract.The British Journal of Sports Medin results published shows that people became better after several days of applying the ointment.

4 grams of ointment was rubbed on their backs thrice daily for a duration of five days. The ointment was used by half of the participants and the other half did not. Also, none of the participants nor the researchers knew which participants were receiving the treatment and which was getting the placebo.

Experts also suggest that the root of this plant is highly medicinal and has been proven to reduce back pain successfully.

This is a highly potent herb used since the time of the ancient. Comfrey is characterised with large beet-like root and hairy leaves. Although other studies has shown it’s healing effect on other types of pain especially the pain that is as a result of joints dislocation in the osteoarthritis and the knees when applied in gel form.

It may damage the liver, if it is taken as a capsule and supplement. Please be mindful, you should just apply the treatment on the affected area.

Source: My Healthy Life Vision