It may sound interesting that a former professor made a great impression on his student just by showing the reports of blood test of a patient. The reports had all five parameters of blood, viz. Triglycerides, lipids, blood glucose, cholesterol and urea increased to such a level that it can cause death of the patient at any time. However, just after a month, the parameter values changed drastically and came within range. Sounds impossible! But it’s true.

The secret tips that caused the difference in the results just within a month is mentioned below:

  • Peel 100 grams pumpkin everyday
  • Take a blender, put some water and pumpkin in it.
  • Mix it well to make a vitamin pumpkin.
  • Have it with at least 15-20 minutes ahead of your breakfast.
  • Continue this process for thirty days and repeat it every time your blood parameters are to be corrected.
  • The LDL level of urine increases sharply in the first week that helps in cleaning arteries, even of the brain, which in term helps in increasing memory of the individual.

Though the treatment so far has no contraindication, it is recommended to get complete analysis of blood once every year. If there is any abnormality, start this process at once and get your blood checked again.

Source: Just Natural Life