There are many people both the young and old who suffer from ankles, legs, back and back pain. Although this pain is mostly experienced by older people than the young. Back, knees, ankles and leg pain are mostly experienced by people who have an inactive lifestyle or they spend most of their day sitting.

According to statistics, that reports that 1/3 of adults experience joint pain within the duration of 30 days. Joint pain are related to various health conditions like; sprains, osteoarthritis, other injuries, bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis,strains and gout.

Medical experts researched that about fifty percent of patients who experience back pain get better within fifteen days, Joint and back pain affects the everyday lives of people who experience them. It also inhibit their ability to complete tasks, the back pain affects their ability to sit or lay down, even to stand. When it comes to pain experiences in the leg, it is as a result of injuries in joints, overuse, wear and tear, also as a result of injuries in the muscles, tendon, soft tissue and ligament.

But do not be worried, because this article will guide you through the preparation of the best homemade remedy to cure joint pain. This remedy is all natural and it can help you cure the pain in your back, leg and spine.


apricots, figs and prunes.


Before you go to sleep, eat 1 dried apricot, 5 prunes and 1 dried fig. Do this for at least two months.

This natural remedy is highly beneficial to you, it is packed with essential nutrients and minerals that helps eliminate joint, back and Spine pain.

Source: Family Health Freedom Network