Varicose veins are the term used for the veins which are enlarged, weakened, and visible under the surface of the skin. They are usually coloured dark purple or blue. It is a common condition that is usually linked to a number of issues, such as prolonged standing genetics, pregnancy, straining, obesity, age and so on.

At its early stage, they are usually treated with compression techniques, like wearing compression stockings. But at the later stage other health problems come up, like swelling, painful inflammation, and feeling of heaviness in the legs. Varicose veins are usually accompanied by dilated capillaries and spider veins on the skin that further aggravates the condition.

One of the best natural remedies used to cure this condition is garlic. It is vegetable with powerful medicinal properties that soothes inflammation and triggers blood flow.

It aids the breakdown of toxins in the body and supporting their elimination through body waste.

Lasting healing are usually seen when you start taking garlic supplements or including garlic in your everyday diet. Through direct application of the mixture on the problem area, you begin to see the results very quickly.



  • 1/2 glass of orange juice
  • 1 Tbsp of olive oil
  • finely grated garlic cloves


Properly mix ingredients, and allow it stay for about 12 hours.

Use slow, circular motions when applying it on the areas affected, continue doing this until the mixture is properly absorbed in your skin

Wrap with a warm bandage or towel on the affected areas you previously massaged, let it sit for nearly fifteen minutes

Repeat the procedure as many times as you need. you will experience relief as soon as possible.

For more details on the procedure, take a look at the video below: