I loved Nutella when I was a kid but then I grew up to be a Nutrition expert and found out about the harmful ingredients of it. Monosodium glutamate (MSG), also known as E621 can be found in Nutella. It is a shocking discovery and people should know about it. Nutella carefully hid it in an artificial flavor named vanillin. Toxic GMO emulsifier soy lecithin and palm oil can also be found in Nutella. Presence of these two elements is causing deforestation and ravaging wildlife throughout the world.

Italian Company Ferrero introduced Nutella in 1964. They still produce the same product but they have local manufacturers in different countries.

In the 70s or 80s, kids loved Nutella and parents never stopped them because they didn’t know that something this natural and popular can be poisonous. Nowadays, however, parents are more conscious and they read the ingredients mentioned.

The ingredients, as mentioned in Official Nutella Website are as follows

“Sugar, Palm Oil, Hazelnuts, Cocoa, Skim Milk, Reduced Minerals Whey (milk), Soy Lecithin as Emulsifier, Vanillin: an artificial flavor”

The famous company also claims that “No Artificial Colors and No Artificial Preservatives”.

Definition wise artificially means “made or produced by human beings rather than occurring naturally.” Each of the ingredients they use go through rough processing and the natural organic substances are almost gone from the ingredients. Natural organic substances are good for health but heavy alteration of the elements removes the good effects. They use Soy Lecithin as emulsifier or preservative. Soy Lecithin is as artificial as any preservative can be.

Weight wise, Nutella contains 67% structured fat and processed sugar. A normal dairy chocolate or candy bar contains 12 to 16 grams of fat and 250 to 300 calories. Two tbsp. (37gm) Nutella contains 200 calories and 11 grams of fat and 21 grams of sugar. Out of 11 grams fat, 3.5 grams structured fat remains in the serving.


Vanillin gives the idea of Vanilla in people. Vanilla flavor is actually natural and it can be found in vanilla beans but Vanillin doesn’t contain real vanilla flavor. The scent and flavor in vanillin is completely artificial and far from having the natural values. This is the most harmful ingredient of Nutella.

Vanillin is all about the scent and much different from Vanilla. Vanilla has a natural odor but Vanillin has 95% scent in it with no nutrients at all. Thanks to the technology, vanillin can be produced from cheap petroleum extracts and chemicals. 90% of these vanillin producing companies are in China, making it the largest vanillin supplier of the world. It also produces Nutella in large amount.

It contains Mono Sodium Glutamate, also known as MSG. MSG is the worst element in Vanillin. When you get to know MSG clearly you will find 78% of Glutamate, 12% Sodium and 10% water.  Sodium is a mineral which is good for health but Glutamate, on the other hand, is really harmful for you. Glutamate is not a mineral, vitamin or electrolyte. It is a harmful processed ingredient and it’s involvement makes any food as artificial as it can be. Natural glutamate is known as L-glutamic acid. It is a slow poison that the consumers aren’t even concerned about but it slowly decays the body with harmful effects.

MSG is proven to be one kind of excitotoxin, which helps to stimulate the reward section of the brain. For this, Nutella tastes better than it actually is and has an addictive effect to attract you to eat more of it.

Research by scientists proves that the excitotoxin can have a lot of bad effects on the body. Regular usage of this may cause in several neurological disorders, including migraines, abnormal neural development , seizures, infections, specific types of obesity, certain disorders of endocrine, and especially the neurodegenerative diseases; a group of diseases which includes: ALS, Huntington’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and olivopontocerebellar degeneration.


Palm oil is the oil extracted from the fruits of Palm tree.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest stated from their research that by popularity Palm oil is the 2nd best, soy oil being the most popular food oil. In United States, the government issued strict rules to lessen the trans-fat content in foods. So Palm oil usage decreased a lot in America. The widespread application of palm oil is stopped now.

In support of what the Center for Science in the Public Interest said, two meta-research were released. Both the research report clearly stated that the use of palm oil increases cholesterol level. A report was published in 1997 by Britain, stating that a trial on 147 persons was performed. It clearly reports of increasing cholesterol, which is bad for health of the heart. A Dutch report states that palmitic acid is the reason for the rise in cholesterol. This report was published after a trial on 35 persons and released in 2003.

In 1999, a study by three Nigerian biochemistry researchers concluded in the report “Plant food for Home Nutrition” that Palm oil can be harmful when in oxidized state. This has a dangerous effect on psychological and chronological organs. The palm oil used for food generally is in oxidized state. Oxidization of Palm oil has culinary reasons but this can in term be responsible for organ toxicity of heart, lungs, liver and kidney. This is extremely dangerous. The research also found out that the oxidized palm oil can help in increase of fatty acid, phospholipids and cerebrosides. It is also responsible for producing toxins in our body and this must be avoided at any cost. United States used an aggressive approach to stop distribution and consumption of Palm oil.

Indonesia is the country responsible for most of the production and exportation of palm oil, but the dangers of palm oil is raising questions in people’s mind.

At least half of Earth’s orangutans have disappeared in the past 20 years. More than 80% of the orangutans have disappeared. They have been depopulated or totally destroyed. These animals has reduced radically in size and number. We cannot find any government policy to ensure the stop of palm oil and to reduce this decrease of orangutans.

In Malaysia, obliteration of peat swamp forests can be noticed. The pygmy elephants, clouded leopards, the long nosed tapir and a lots of rare birds are in danger with the increasing use of palm oil. They have become endangered species and more negligence can cause them to be extinct. According to World watch institute, usage of palm oil is still controversial but people are starting to notice and avoid it. Various companies has come forward to make a change and they are acting to make sure that these animals don’t end up being victims of our carelessness.

If you want a better and widespread perspective of the issue of palm oil, you can visit saynotopalmoil.com for more information.

Palm oil is another ingredient which must be banned from our food supply for our own good and obviously to save the planet earth and it’s rarest of habitants to maintain a good balance in our ecosystem.


After the crude oil is degummed, Soybean Lecithin can be made from the sludge that is left. This is a gummy fluid and can be solid as plastic and it contains solvents and pesticides. This is a waste product basically and we can get it in different colors. This can be of dirty tan color or reddish brown. The ethanol-benzoyl process is banned and hexane extraction process is mainly used in production of soybean oil. This latter process gives less lecithin that former but is of better color, reduced odor and completely marketable.

As of today soy lecithin is a necessary food supply. It is used an emulsifier to keep water and fats separate in foods like peanut butter, margarine, chocolate candies, ice cream, coffee creamers and others. It is responsible for acting as a preservative and extends shelf life in the market of a product. This is an important and needed ingredient of a lots of daily day food elements.

However, the most of the soy sources in the world are Genetically Modified for more market use. Researchers claim that all genetically modified foods are threats to environment and is responsible for soil-pollution and can be a long term threat for human health. Decreased fertility and immunological alteration can be dangerous for you and it is caused by genetically modified products. The long term harmfulness is dangerous and must be avoided to have a good life. It also creates exacerbation and allergies.

The soy, which has been genetically engineered, contains a lot of plant toxicants. There are high levels of toxicants in this genetically modified food and is of high risk. People are not much aware about this but it has toxic effects, which must be avoided.


It is actually a waste product of cheese production. It was discarded. Nowadays factories are set up to get pure whey. This is a GM food as hormones and antibiotics are used for its production. It stabilizes fat emulsions and is commonly used worldwide.

When manufacturing, it is heated to remove a portion of minerals and this actually removes a lot of the nutrition part of the food.

This GM food is bad for human health and so you should consider having healthier alternatives.



#1 Raw Nutella Recipe

For 1 cup.


  1. 1 cup of hazelnuts, soaked for 8-10 hours
  2. 1 tbsp. vanilla extract
  3. ¼ cup of maple syrup
  4. ¼ cup raw cacao powder
  5. ¼ tbsp. sea salt
  6. 2-4 tbsp. coconut milk


Drain and rinse the hazelnuts and process them with a high powered blender. You will get a smooth and scraping down the side element. You will get your desired consistency depending on the time used to blend and the power of the blender.

When the buttery consistency from the hazelnuts is reached, you must add vanilla, sweetener, salt and cacao powder. Slowly add milk and you are likely to get your desired consistency.

#2 Nutella Recipe

Makes a jar of 330ml


  1. 15 dates
  2. 4 tbsp. of Maple syrup
  3. ½ cup almond butter
  4. 1/3 cup carob water
  5. 1 tbsp. of coconut oil


Rehydrate the 15 dates for 10 minutes in hot water and combine all your ingredients in a blender. Only add water or oil for this recipe and make sure that it gets the smooth consistency. Never use milk for this preparation.

Source: Living Traditionally