The results of research in the last fifteen years, conducted in France show that bras do not help the firmness of women’s breasts, even better not wear them because excessive wear can cause unwanted changes.

– Seen from the medical point of view, the anatomy of the breast has no use for bras – told for “France Info” Jean-Denis Ruijon, Professor, University of Besansonu who led the research.

In the last 15 years, he has studied the effect of bras on more than 300 patients at University Hospital, aged 18 to 35 years. The objective of this review was to determine how long the wearing bras affect on the female body. The actual size of the breast is not taken into account.

The conclusion that was made was that the breasts of women who do not wear a bra years developed more muscle tissue, and their breasts were firmer and had a 7-millimeter lift in their nipples when compared to a women who regularly wear a bra.

Kapisa Verselloti (28), a girl who participated in the research, revealed that is much easier to breathe without a bra.

– At the beginning I was reluctant to accept the idea that I’m going to run without a bra, but after five minutes, it’s not a problem – says Kapisa.

However, professor Rouillion advises women who wear bras for decades that they should not give up immediate and rapidly, because their body is accustomed to them, and it is necessary to gradually bring the change.

Original Article Source: Aunty Acid’s blog