The small fruits, dates, which are often known for their health benefits also plays an important role in maintaining diet. Though rich in sugar, according to the Nutrition Journal, this fruit has low ranking in the Glycemic index and do not elevate the blood sugar level significantly. The great taste of dates makes them a great food for people, who eat it for protecting their liver or heart from damage. Apart from being a safe food according to Glycemic index, it is also known for its high nutritional value. It is a great source of protein, carbohydrates, copper, zinc, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin A, B, C and K along with other important minerals. Though used as a primary food in different places, nowadays, it is gaining importance for its health benefits and medicinal uses.

Improving digestive health

Dates form an important source of both soluble as well as insoluble fibers needed for proper functioning of the digestive system and healthy movement of the gastrointestinal or the GI tract. Eating food rich in fiber is also among the seventy food habits mentioned in the e-book “70 Powerful Habits For A Great Health”, which helps you in understanding how one needs to progress for your well-being.  Fibers in dates move in the desired rate for ensuring complete functioning of the GI tract without causing any disturbances to the body. This is an ideal choice for people suffering from constipation.

Control LDL Cholesterol

Fibers that are present in dates are not just helpful in promoting digestion but also help in keeping the LDL cholesterol in check. Experts believe sufficient fiber consumption as one of the ten best ways for reducing cholesterol naturally. Also known as bad cholesterol, LDL cholesterol if increased may affect blood vessels leading to heart blockage or other similar complications. It can also cause inflammation of blood vessels at a low grade.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Extracts of date are also found to be quite useful in treating peripheral neuropathy, which causes weakness or numbness of hand or feet. Caused due to nerve damage, this affects almost all diabetic patients and is generally treated based on symptoms, not on cause. If date is consumed in the required number, it will not just improve nerves but also check the recurrence of symptoms.

Saves from clogging of arteries

Atherosclerosis or clogged arteries, often known to be a silent killer and the major cause of stroke or heart attack can be avoided by consuming dates. Atherosclerosis occurs when the arteries hardens or narrows due to plaque building on its walls. Once the plaque breaks, the blockages prevent blood supply to different organs of the body leading to stroke. However, if someone takes dates regularly, he will get a constant supply of phenolic acids and antioxidants, which in turn will prevent clogging by offering anti-atherogenic effects. Yet, to get the best results, it should be combined with pomegranate.

Protects your liver

Liver functioning is often affected for the presence of different chemicals, pollutants and toxins in everyday food. Thus, the organ, which is responsible for filtering blood and producing major amount of compounds needed by the body, gets affected. The liver tissues may also get damaged if it is not treated on time and may also lead to complications like liver fibrosis. Once the liver is damaged a large amount of collagen and compounds start building for healing the organ, which in turn affects the entire health. However, if someone takes dates along with extracts of date seeds it will help in reducing and regulating it will help in protecting liver damage like fibrosis or even cirrhosis. The results can be further improved by following the coffee consumption tips mentioned in what 3 cups of coffee a day can do to your liver. Also you can try moringa seed extract for healing liver faster.

Checks inflammation

Inflammation is necessary for healing any wound. Yet, the process is always not good for your body and at times the chemicals released can damage organs, tissues or cells of the body. In many cases, people have to experience health hazards like arthritis, asthma or some other allergies due to inflammation. Inflammation in worst cases may also lead to cancer. To stay safe and ensure well-being, it is important that you include nutritional foods in your diet. When it comes to controlling inflammation, extract of date seeds and dates can play a significant role as this fruit is known for reducing cytokines causing inflammation. You can also read the article on how to use food to beat inflammation can offer better understanding what to eat and what not to eat.

Someone dealing with chronic diseases and inflammation might be interested to know why detoxification is needed for the body. Detoxification is important to fight different diseases by wiping out the toxins from the body so that inflammation can be decreased easily. Anyone who wants to know more on detoxification of the body can find some helpful information in the e-book, The Detox Guide. The book offers complete guidance on how detoxification can be used for cleaning as well as energizing the body.

Protection from antioxidants

Protecting yourself from antioxidants forms the key of any health regime. Whenever you exercise in gym or at any other place, your body starts producing free radicals, which can damage tissues. Apart from that, pollutants can also cause damage to the body, which in turn can affect your health support. To deal with the condition, one can rely on dates, as it is rich in different compounds, which offer a large number of antioxidants for protecting your body. A number of studies have shown that antioxidant content of this small fruit dates and has also shown the presence of different compounds with activities related to free radical scavenging.

Boosts your pregnancy as well as delivery

A research on pregnant women has shown that date consumption has accelerated the rate of cervical dilatation, which in turn helped in spontaneous labor. That means women consuming dates during their pregnancy will have lesser chances of being induced.

Improved Cardiovascular health

Many of you may consider fiber to be important only for improved digestive system. However, it is not actually so. It also plays an important role in improving cardiovascular health. Substantial amount of fiber can help in reducing the cholesterol level, which in turn can help in checking blood pressure count as well as blood glucose level. To know more about the other beneficial foods, you can read the post on best herbs and foods needed for promoting healthy heart.

Recommendation For Everyday Consumption

Dates are rich in sugar, which is approximately around 66.5 grams in a serving of 100 gram. Therefore, someone who is eating dates should reduce the sugar count as much as possible. It is also not recommended to consume more than five fruits in a day.

Source: Healthy & Natural World