Garlic one of the most common ingredients in every kitchen is bundled with loads of health benefits. Not just the foods cooked using garlic but also raw garlic can offer several advantages to your health.

Studies have proven that garlic has several benefits in maintaining heart health. Cholesterol and blood pressure, the two most common factors leading to heart problems are kept in check with garlic. The small white cloves can also effectively treat atherosclerosis. It can also be used the treatment of fungal infections, bug bites, cold, flu, traveler’s diarrhea and hay fever. People suffering from conditions like enlarged prostrate; diabetes and osteoarthritis can also take garlic. Garlic can also give a boost to your immune system by removing the toxins. Detoxification of chemotherapy is also possible by combining it with onion and ginger.

Tips to Use Garlic

When you are eating garlic for good health, it will be better for you to consume it raw instead of cooking. Raw garlic contains allicin, an active ingredient, which is extremely beneficial for health. To get the best effects, it is ideal to chop or crush garlic 15 minutes prior to your meal. This will help in activating the chemical reaction in the body, which in turn will help in allicin absorption. You can also mix it with honey to reduce the pungent smell.

How to prepare?

Take two or three garlic cloves and chop them nicely. Get them mixed with one tablespoon of honey and take it everyday to get a stronger feeling.

How to use garlic for preparing flu tonic?

Ingredients to be used:

  • Take a roughly chopped yellow onion
  • Five roughly chopped garlic cloves
  • 2 roughly chopped red chili peppers
  • A tablespoon of ginger
  • One organic lemon juice
  • Apple cider vinegar unfiltered and raw.

Wear gloves if you have a sensitive skin else you may get burn or rashes in the skin.

Direction to use:

Take a mason jar of 350-500ml and put all the ingredients in it. Fill the jar with vinegar but make sure to leave a space of 1cm at the top. Now close it and keep it in the pantry.