Are apricot seeds natural source of a substance that kills cancer cells without destroying the health and hitting the pockets of patients? The essential ingredient is called leatril or vitamin B17. If there is some truth in this, why is this information not known? Why are the testimonials of people who have been cured or who are cured others censored or are they even imprisoned. Perhaps there is something in their statements?

Keep in mind that the industry is dealing with cancer, according to realistic estimates, has a year with over $ 200 billion worldwide. There are many different ranking associations within the industry who would be out of work when they dried up sources of money together to publish news that had appeared cheaper, much less harmful and more effective drugs that are also easily accessible.

Large pharmacy would simply disappear.

Seeds of  fruits ripe apricot, all you need 2-3 days drying in the sun, then you beat them as well as almonds, apricots seeds in the middle of a delicious meaty core like the right almonds.

Dried fleshy apricot kernels, as we have said is similar to almonds. You can eat them all you want, tasty and healthy and can keep them as almonds whole year.


What is actually leatril or B17?

1952 biochemist Dr Ernst Krebb Jr. from San Francisco, concluded that cancer is a metabolic reaction of the body to poor nutrition and to get the nutrients that are missing in modern man’s diet could be the key to overcoming cancer. His research has led to a compound found in over 1200 edible plants found in nature. The compound is  a m a g d l i n y.

Members of the tribe of Hunza, stored and dried apricots, nothing goes to waste, meat and apricot seeds are dry, it is eaten (except the hard crust of seeds). This is the only nation in the world who has never had a single case of cancer !!!!

Amagdylin is found in highest concentrations and together with the necessary enzymes – the core of apricot seeds. It is known that primitive tribe of Hunza consume large amounts of kernels from apricot seeds. Hard crust is broken in order to come to a soft core. There is no known case of cancer among the members of this tribe … ever. And live long and healthy. Leatril produced a simple extraction amagdylina from soft core seeds apricot, purified and concentrated.

Amagdylin is nitrilosid. Nitrilosids are difficult to classify because they are located in the food, and not themselves food. As nitrilosid, amgdylin structure resembles a group of B vitamins and it is Dr. Krebb called B17, due to the fact that previously were isolated 16 B group vitamins.

Dr Krebb had shot leatril to make sure that there are no toxic effects. He spent more animal tests and cultures in the laboratory and found that leatril be effective in treating cancer. By the way, the standard of the US Agency for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the safety of medicines known as LD50, where LD represents a lethal dose (lethal dose), and 50 percent of the laboratory animals poisoned test drugs to the point of dying.

As long as the percentage of animals killed is below 50%, the FDA will issue such a drug approval!

Since leatril obtained directly from the nutrients found in nature, and is not produced chemically in a laboratory, it is impossible to patent. And, of course, is not toxic. In other words, as is the case with all natural ingredients that heal, large pharmaceutical empire and the AMA (American Medical Association) can not get rich even at the expense of these substances, even at the expense of long-term side effects resulting from prolonged use of this drug.

There are several testimonies of cancer patients who have been cured just chewing a large amount of apricot seeds.

The seeds are much more accessible to consumers of Laetrile that the FDA banned in 1971. Leatril is difficult, but not impossible, to produce. The seeds are actually soft, almond kernel bitter flavor placed inside a hard shell. They are used so that the soft core are removed from the hard seeds. In any case, are available and are not expensive.


How does it work?

Amagdylin 4 contains two types of substance-glucose, benzaldyhid and cyanide. Cyanide and benzaldyhid are poisons if they become discharged or released as a pure molecule, not related to other molecular formations. Many types of foods contain cyanide, but the food is safe, because it is bound and protected as part of another molecule and therefore can not cause damage.

In normal cells even exist enzymes that trap molecules of free cyanide and combine them with sulfur, making them harmless. This enzyme is a rhodanese, which acts as a catalyst in the coupling reaction of free cyanide and sulfur. Combining cyanide with sulfur generated cyanates, neutral substance that easily passes into the urine without harming healthy cells.

Cancer cells but not normal cells. They contain an enzyme that other cells have-betaglukozidasis. This enzyme, only characteristic for the cancer cells, is responsible for the unlocking of the enzyme which acts on the molecule amagdylina. It releases benzaldyhid and cyanide, which together generate toxic compound. It acts on beta-glucosidase, which causes the self-destruction of cancer cells.

Amagdylin and leatril, along with protective enzymes in healthy cells and enzymes released from cancer cells are thus able to destroy cancer cells without compromising normal cells.


Are we the people have become so myopic that we reject everything that nature has offered to be alive and healthy ??

Chemotherapy turn, with an undetermined number of cancer cells kills a multitude of other cells and suppresses the immune system. What we already wrote.

Cancer cells can have a tendency to return to anywhere in the body, as the patient’s general condition deteriorated due to the presence of a chemo-toxins. The cancer industry is considered a cured if the cancer within 5 years is not back. It is estimated that of those subject to the “great trinity” of cancer treatment propagated by the AMA (American Medical Association): surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, no more than 3% patients belong to a group of women whose 5 years they found no signs of cancer return. In addition to the weak effects it has, the application of this method of treatment is much more expensive.

For someone who has cancer, it is necessary to significantly increase the daily intake of vitamin B17, in order to amgdylinu allow them to reach the cancer cells from the beta-glucosidase. This is because some molecules amagdylina be neutralized by the normal cells that contain rhodanese.

Among those who have used leatril percentage of cure among patients who were not subjected to standard: say, radiating, poisoning – a mainstream method of treatment, was 85%. Among those who switched to therapy leatril after everything that conventional medicine offers, the percentage cured is only 15%.

In Mexico, the clinic claiming that they were healed leatril percentage of 100%!

Curbing medical mafia

Since 1920, those who practice for an alternative therapy and medication for the treatment of cancer and their messengers, are marginalized, harassed, detained and even murdered. Federal agencies are used to mount trumped-up charges or the imposition of taxes on mortgages by the IRS (American agency responsible for tax collection) conducted by the American sheriff offices. So Dr. Gary Glum was harassed for writing a book about the product under the name Essiac Tea (tea blends known in the world of alternative, sold under the name Essiac Tea and used to treat cancer westernization.) More see here.

The young man from Brooklyn, Jason Vale was in jail because he violated the prohibition on transferring others via the TV, their experiences about how he was treated for cancer using these naughty pitted apricots! Jason is the latest example of how medical mafia has power over the legal system just in case B17.

Leatril which is completely non-toxic banned by the FDA in 1971.

Shortly after the ban in 1971 experienced physician, Dr. John Richardon who leatril successfully used in the treatment of cancer, came to his friend Edward Griffin, published investigative reporter and asked him to write something to help him and others to continue using Laetrile on their patients with cancer.

Edward Griffin has published his research in a book called World Without Cancer. This book not only explains the action of Laetrile and recorded several types of cancer treatment, but Griffin’s nose took his research further into the rabbit hole, into the center of the efforts carried out by the cancer industry-that all alternative means of treating cancer stay away from daylight. So he discovered that Sloane-Kettering Institute for Cancer burned all the documentation from scientific studies that prove that leatril “very effective” in treating cancer.

Griffin got the documents from Dr. Ralph Moss which was said to conceal evidence and to confirm that the leatril worthless. He refused and was forced to leave his position as a PR manager at Sloan-Kettering. From that time- 1977, Dr. Ralph Moss continued writing and publishing several books about different ways to treat cancer. Always the right encouragement to see insiders who comes out with the information! Someone else took up the vacancy Dr. Moss in the company and served on leatril lies that were later filled columns medical journals.

What is in fact the medical journals? Lately, the most prestigious New England Journal lowered their standards and according to them does not publish articles from those paid by large pharmaceutical companies – except if the amount does not exceed 10 thousand dollars a year. Do not lower the standards would not have a sufficient number of articles which fulfill the magazine! Of course, most medical journals are anyway only place to advertise major pharmaceutical companies.

Edward Griffin with his book “World Without Cancer” and Phillip Day in his “Cancer: why still dying to find the truth,” sheds light on the fact that the cancer industry is not really the goal of healing. Even non-profit organizations that receive millions of brainwashed gather the masses of people with the means to promote a major pharmaceutical company. By the way, non-profit organizations can always and will have key people who work for the annual amounts that exceed the six-digit figures.

Doctors generally do what they are trained and what they are told to do; medical journals contain a set of reports and lies. Foundation for cancer have a “month of breast cancer,” and similar actions of their PRs, which acquired the people as soon as possible fall into the millstone of the industry diseases which are on top of the big pharmaceutical industry. It is about about money and careers, and not on public health and the “war on cancer”.

Currently the situation is that mainstream medicine is losing the battle with cancer, which has more than ever. Today 1 in 3 persons have a chance of getting cancer, and more of those who die after conventional treatment. You could say that this is a pandemic? These data and the enormous resources that are given in this direction enables one group to live a luxury lifestyle, and at the expense of our health to enjoy a comfortable and safe workplace.

In the meantime, a large number of true humanist, physician, connoisseur of plants, writers worried about the suppression of truth, they were treated like criminals, crazy freaks, and there are those whose lives have been totally ruined. It is tragic. Equal as the fact that millions of people suffer and die while they are in that time to convince oppose the use of more effective and less painful procedures.

The core of apricot seeds, natural cure and prevention against cancer.


Treatments with leatril

There are many stories of people who are used to treat leatril and pitted apricot and thereby had success. A common recommendation for prevention is 5-7 seeds during the day. In cancer cases 2-3 times to increase the dose. Some advise 1 seed at approximately every 4.5 kg of body weight. For maintenance, after treatment, go back to the 5-7 seeds per day.

Some therapists leatril give patients pills of vitamin B15 and digestive enzymes such as papain from papaya and pineapple bromalin. Excessive quantities of seeds apricot or Laetrile, can cause nausea and dizziness. There is no reported deaths or disorders caused by leatril or apricot seeds, in any case. Despite some successes recorded in the case of combining the conventional therapies and taking Letra, this combination is not recommended. Most of those who combine the two regimens, eventually leaving chemotherapy, but still die.

Many practitioners and writers recommend therapy Laetrile and seeds combined with another alternative method of treatment of cancer, especially if you are left to themselves and spend treatment at home. Natural News readers, it is clear already that a healthy food and avoiding stress necessary for the treatment. Fundamental changes in lifestyle, is part of every stable therapy in the treatment of cancer. In addition, a small mix of alternative therapies that can support each other, it seems like a good approach to treatment.

For example, the Gerson Therapy cancer treatment juices with real juice and the use of coffee enemas, which relieves the liver from toxins, may be added to the therapy leatril. With that healthy combination, you can hardly go wrong.