Crystal Davis tells the history of her incredible transformation. Her story reveals how unusual methods can give great results.

A year ago i was severely ill with flu. Drugs from the pharmacy were not particularly effective. One woman recommended to me to drink hot water with honey and lemon each morning. Of course, i reacted with skepticism, but i did it. Grip has gone, but i really liked the drink, so i started to drink it every day. And i do this for a year. Here’s what changed for me:

1) I did not get any colds for a year. I have no more pain in the stomach.

All my life i fell ill and not any virus passed by me. True, I’ve never believed in the power of traditional medicine. I was a slave to the drug store. Since i am drinking this beverage, for the entire year i was not even one sneezed. My headaches are gone. Now i carry honey and lemon wherever i go. I drink this potion even in hotels.

2) I don’t drink morning coffee, but i wake up very easily.

My lemon-honey cocktail rescued me from coffee addiction. Earlier, I’d be completely awake, it took almost an hour. Now I have much more energy during the day. Great night’s sleep, and i have smile in the morning. I am no longer nervous and forgot the last time I felt the tension in the first part of the day.

3) People in my environment become healthier, and this is the biggest prize.

I convinced my whole family to follow my example. So, last year, the flu and other winter troubles, I did not get either, nor anyone in my family.

I do not know how this magic potion works, but it works! I am very grateful to this woman for the advice.