Did you know chronic inflammation and metabolism could be healed with some turmeric and golden milk? Yes! The combination of turmeric powder is therapeutic in nature and can heal your body in several ways. It contains antioxidants and several anti flammatory properties that will definitely help and improve your health over time. In fact, women who have taken this drink have always spoken about its positive results. So without any delay, let us give you a quick idea on this magical drink!

Golden Milk – Recipe

Turmeric paste:



  • One fourth cup of some turmeric powder
  • Half a cup of filtered water
  • Half a teaspoon of grounded pepper


Methods of preparing:

Keep all the ingredients in a pan or a saucepan and make sure to mix it well. Now let it is on medium heat and keep stirring the mixture often unless you have obtained a paste. After this you can let the paste cool down. Put it in a jar and let it refrigerate.

What you will need:

  1. Half a teaspoon of turmeric paste
  2. Honey for taste
  3. One full cup of almond and coconut milk
  4. One teaspoon of coconut oil.

Method of preparing

First you will have to add all the ingredients apart from the honey and place it a saucepan. Let it heat in medium heat and let it stir constantly. Remove it once it begins to boil and add some honey to it.