Due to the sudden change in temperature during the winter or the autumn seasons, there is a significant rise in the number of cold and flu cases along with other ailments that affects the people. The instances of visiting stores increases as we are always we need of drugs and medicines to provide effective remedies to the ailments.

There is a rise in the viruses and microbial elements in the air and this is the main reason for causing cold and flu and various other health disorders. Don’t you think natural remedies can be more effective and result oriented for the treatment of cold and flu rather than popping aleopathic pills?

If you look around in your kitchen, you will find several herbs and ingredients that can be exceptionally helpful and beneficial for curing several types of ailments. Out of all the home remedies, have you ever considered onion for cold and flu treatment? Perhaps, no, right? Give it a try once.

Do you know placing a tiny piece of onion in your ear or socks can help in fighting against several health-related issues? It is more relevant for cold and flu and other similar symptoms that seem to appear usually during the winter and autumn times as the air features more of viruses and microbial elements.

Learn about some of the instances when onion can be immensely helpful in fighting against so many ailments.

  • Onion acts as an excellent solution against cough

Often due to bacterial infections or virus attacks, we suffer from coughs. It might become acute depending on the severity of the infection. Usually we depend on cough syrups and pop pills for reducing it and thereby eliminating the cough completely. But there are side-effects like dizziness when we consume syrups.

Onion is a better alternative option. Your breath might stink a little but that is bearable and can be reduced with mouth fresheners and rinsing your mouth properly. You will definitely start feeling better and it also saves your money as you don’t have to invest money and buy the medicines from the stores.

  • Provides relief against fever

In case your child suffers from fever frequently, every now and then, it is recommended that you must use onion as a remedy against fever. Are you bothered with the way to use it as a remedy? Well, all that you need to do is place several pieces of onion slices in your child’s socks and make your child wear it.

Whether you believe it or not but it will show positive results within some time. After a time frame, you will find that the fever has subsided and your child feels better as well. If you want, you can include apple cider vinegar with the onion as well and put in the socks.

  • Fight against all kinds of cold symptoms

Are you prone to cough and cold more than others? Do always have a runny nose and this makes you feel irritated all time? No worries, as there is a natural remedy that can help you to fight against all types of cold and flu symptoms. Start drinking onion tea or eat it fresh and you can feel the different within few hours.

  • Get relief from ear ache or pain

Ear ache can be extremely painful and discomforting and you won’t lose even a second to pop a pain killer. Don’t you think consuming pain killers frequently can actually hamper your health internally? Why don’t you try out a natural ingredient like onion to cure and eliminate the acute ear aches?

Ear pain is usually caused by infections and it can be treated effectively with the middle part of the onion. If you place it inside your ear and leave for few hours, you can sense the relief. It is the anti-inflammatory property that helps the ear wax to soften and thereby it is easier for cleaning out the debris and dirt that causes the infection. It is recommended to leave the onion in your ear overnight for better results.

Unless and until you try out the use of onion during such circumstances, you will not be able to understand the benefits that such a simple kitchen ingredient can offer.

Source: Time For Healthy Food