Everyone suffers from dry, peeling lips during winter due to winter. You do not rely on store bought chapped lip remedies in order to reduce them. Instead, you can also use a bag of green team to reduce split lips and maintain beautiful smile on your lips.

Chapped lips occur due to many reasons. Weather change, dehydration, alcohol and licking your lips irritate your lips, causing them to dry out. Unlike the skin, lips do not have any oils to protect them from drying out. So it is our duty to protect them. Dry, split lips are more prone to infections such as cold sores, bleeding and other ailments.

The best natural remedies for treating dry lips are green tea. You have to wet the green tea bag in warm water, and then apply it to your lips four to five minutes.

The tannins in the green tea will treat the burning sensation and increase the moisture in your lips. The warm water will feel great on dry, parched lips. This is the reason why, green tea is one of the best popular home remedies for dry lips.

You need to do this every day. Afterwards, you need to make sure you stay hydrated because dehydration is a major cause of dry lips. So make yourself a second cup of tea and enjoy it.

If you take more water, tea during the cold winter months, you can be able to stay hydrated and prevent the chapping and dryness from occurring.

Drinking green tea also provides other health benefits. It helps to reduce mental alertness as it contains 2-4 percent caffeine. When you drink the green tea with sugar it acts like an energy drink, giving you an extra mental boost throughout the day just like coffee does.

Green tea also improves memory and attention among people with mild health issues. So if you feel like you need an extra bit of energy to get you through the winter months, then drinking green tea every day is essential to good health.

Drinking Green tea also helps to improve beauty treatments. People usually apply green tea bags under the eyes to remove that tired look, and puffy look. It also helps to reduce acne.

So not only is it great at treating lips, it can be used for the entire face as a natural, safe beauty treatment.

Green tea is an amazing plant product, which is used to treat skin conditions also. By applying a bag of green tea to chapped lips for just five minutes, you can boost the skin’s moisture levels and prevent the ailments and bleeding which are triggered by dry lips.

It also makes you hydrated; mentally sharp and even makes for a safe natural beauty treatment for your face and eyes.