Almost everyone uses mattress for sleeping at night. However, there are very few, who like to take the pain of dusting mattress and cleaning. Mattress cleaning is difficult for its size as well as weight. Yet, cleaning and disinfecting the mattress from time to time is essential for healthy living. If mattress cleaning is a nightmare for you, here is a simple tip to help you deodorize and disinfect it by removing dust mites, bacteria, molds or even dead skin cells.

Melisa Maker cleans mattress in a unique way just by using baking soda. At first she vacuum clean the mattress and then sprays around 200gm baking soda on it. After that, she leaves the area undisturbed for around 30 minutes and once again vacuums it. With this economical process, she not only keeps the mattress clean in an environment friendly way but also leaves a refreshing smell on it. Apart from being simple, the process is also quite budget-friendly.

Source: Choose Healthy Life