There is no doubt that coconut has many beneficial properties when it comes to beauty and health. This article will discuss certain strong reasons as to why we should use coconut oil.

Great skin care: If you use coconut oil on a regular basis just before bedtime, you are sure to get a bright skin that is not only beautiful but well nourished from the inside.

Coconut oil is great for treating Dark circles

  • Since the oil contains lactic acid it is able to smoothen the skin by tightening the pores
  • The anti inflammatory reduces the swelling and redness
  • Coconut oil is said to have anti oxidants and vitamins that can repair damaged skin
  • The oil has high quantity of fatty acids and vitamins which cause healthy skin regenerations.
  • The oil rejuvenates the skin from the inside.
  • The oil reduces dryness and wrinkling of the eyes.

How do you use the oil?

Simply apply a small quantity on the dark circles and massage very gently. Leave the oil overnight and you can wash it in the morning.

The other uses of coconut oil

Treatment for eyelashes:
If you want soft eyelashes then apply some on your lashes right before bedtime. This is very useful to those people who tend to wear a lot of makeup.

Substitute for shaving cream: Most shaving creams tend to have harsh chemicals that can take their toll on the skin, well for a smooth shave you can now use coconut oil, as it keeps the skin well hydrated.

Can be used to moisturize hands and legs: Say goodbye to the expensive brands of hand creams that you probably bought so faithfully; you can now use coconut oil to moisturize your skin

Treating varicose veins: You can massage the varicose veins with some coconut oil; research says that this method is really helpful

Help to soften the cuticle: You can keep your cuticles soft by applying coconut oil and massaging gently.

So you see that using coconut oil is very helpful after all and if you want your skin to look revitalized you should go for it.