People often find themselves in difficult situations. There are indeed places or situations which are likely to be tad more difficult than the others, but still then, bad things can happen with anyone, anywhere.

Some spaces come with signs that give clear warning to people, but the proper safety of some other areas depend on the kind of people living there.

The tale of these two potential joggers will let you realize how a first-sight, high-end space, can turn out to be so devastating.

The unfortunate ones to experience this devastating incident, is the 19-year old Isabella George and Rebekah Forget of 20 years.

As they were jogging along the roads, they ran through a field where they were devastatingly attacked by 4 deadly pit bulls.

These dogs started biting and affecting the joggers, for 30 constant minutes. The worst part: even the owners of these dogs couldn’t get them stopped.

The dogs immediately ran away after the came across the sound of a truck. The lady, who drove the truck, carried the victims via truck to their closest hospital.

Both the cousins were severely injured and George was beset with bite marks all over his body. She was later released from her hospital for speedy recovery at home.

Forgey, on the contrary, has a condition which was even worse, as the dogged tore up about 75% of the muscles from her leg and her scalp muscles. But she was also not required to stay at the intensive care.

Four of these dogs were killed by the policemen. On top of that, the department of the local sheriff too pressed a series of charges against the respective owner, as it was later revealed that the dogs were starving.

Both the joggers have recovered after a long time. Although the wounds have been treated, Forgey spent a couple of months for physical therapy treatment. She is now much better.

Source: Healthy Food Team