The secret behind scented candles

A woman was trying to feed her small baby when she suddenly noticed some black spots inside the baby’s nose. Now what was that spot all about? Was it a warning that needed medical attention? This is what she found out.

The black spot was a result of scented candles that were regularly used in her home. Here are some very stark realities about scented candles-

Researchers have proved that scented candles are made up of a compound that transforms itself into formaldehyde when it is burned. The scent that is provided in the candle is because of a chemical compound, which is known as Limonene. Limonene helps to provide the citrus fragrance found in the lemon-scented candles.

Candles are not made with natural ingredients. Instead, they are made with harmful chemicals. Limonene is used as a food-flavoring agent before it is transformed into scented candles and it is totally safe for consumption as well.

Whenever you light scented candles, the limonene is released into the air and they react to Ozone, which in turn can also transform themselves into toxic formaldehyde. Exposure to Formaldehyde for a long period of time can cause death in a person.

It is also known to be a cancer-producing compound. It is thus advised that after lighting scented candles, the doors and the windows should be opened wide. The best thing you can do altogether is stopping the use of scented candles in your house.