For 2 months, a 51 year old woman from Kolkota , India named Minati Mondal complained of acid reflux and crippling stomach pain.

She went to a hospital where she was scanned, the doctors found gallstones in her body. After surgical intervention it was discovered that she had 11,950 stones in her system, this shocked the doctors.

Gallstones are usually formed in the gallbladder; they are tiny deposits of salts and cholesterol. The gallbladder is shaped like a pear, it is found below the liver and it’s primary function is for storing bile in the system.There can be hundreds of gallstones present in the body and the person can still live a normal life without experiencing any negative symptoms. Their symptoms are; nausea, fatal infection and pain especially if they begin to block the gallbladder. It is mostly common in women and eating fatty foods increases the chances of occurrence. Although, the reasons are not clear.

They found large number stones in her body that the doctors did not expect.

The doctor who performed the laparoscopic surgery Dr. Makhan Lala Saha said that she was surprised to see the large number of stones in somebody’s body and she was shocked to see so many stones in a gall bladder.

Dr. Saha and several assistants counted all the tiny stones and after 4 hours,they concluded that about 12,000 stones was between 2 mm and 5 mm.

At the hospital, Dr. Saha who is a gastrointestinal endo surgeon said that he was still shocked when the number was revealed.

He also said that he had operated on a girl who had 1,110 stones. In Britain, doctors removed  3,110 stones from the gall bladder of a patient in the year 1983. This alarming new number replaces the past record three times more.

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