Shocking Research: Oreos Are Actually More Addicting Than These Hard Drugs

Sugar is known to be an addiction for people who have a sweet tooth. It acts really fast, helps to burn fuel as early as possible, and makes us feel better mentally as well as physically. If it is used on a long-term basis, it becomes very addictive and then people start relying on it as a part of their daily diet.

Research conducted on rats

Scientists are of the opinion that a high sugar diet is really bad for the health. It is really addictive as well. Foods that are high in sugar content stimulate the brain in the similar way as drugs. Too much sugar is bad for health, but in spite of that people get addicted to sugar. In order to perform a successful research to find out whether sugar is really addictive or not, rats were placed in a maze and were given Oreos or rice cakes. The rats spent more time in eating the biscuit. They split the biscuit in half and then ate the cream first and then the cookie part.

However, the rats did not like the taste of rice cakes. Some rat’s were put in the same maze and were given rice cakes along with an injection of calcium of morphine when they were already at the end. The researchers monitored the time span of how long they stayed in the maze.

The pleasure center of the brain

Researchers saw that the nucleus acumens that is known to be the pleasure center of the brain and measured the CFOs that are a protein marker that signals the activities of the neuron activation. The research proved that more rats were addicted towards an Oreo biscuit than cocaine of morphine as well, which means they were more addicted to Oreo biscuits than drugs. Oreo is known to be a junk food that is more harmful than drugs as well.

This concluded that foods that are rich in sugar content are really addictive. Studies done previously also showed that highly processed carbohydrates like cookies, cakes and biscuits could affect the health of an individual by a great margin. Sugar products are seen to be more addictive than drugs as they are more affordable and easily available as well.

What are Oreos made up of’

Oreo is a biscuit, which is made of pure flower and chocolate with sugar as well. Scientists advise to stop the use of Oreo and instead try out biscuits, which have lesser flour content along with organic sugar. The oreo mimicking cookies are free of preservatives, artificial flavors and colors. They are also free from cholesterol, casein and egg as well as gam, lactose and vegan.

You can switch onto cookies that look like Oreo and taste like Oreo, but does not have the same health hazards as in the Oreo. You can try having these biscuits as a part of the 10-day sugar detox diet along with a series of natural sweeteners that can be found instead of sugar at home.

Source: CBS News