If you have a basic idea about vegan diet, you are likely to know some of the major perks of shifting to a plant-based diet regime. In fact, many meat-eaters have tried this regime and have loved it for the series of benefits it comes with. Due to this reason, many people are cutting down on meat and adopting this newer and healthier diet, for a better lifestyle. Some of the major benefits associated with a vegan diet include; remarkable weight loss, lower risks of heart disease, huge boost in your energy levels and so on. In case you’re still wondering how this diet helps, check this out.

 You can cut down on a few pounds

Although the general rate of obesity is pretty high, it is remarkably lower in people who follow a vegan diet. A study from Academy Of Nutrition and Diabetics suggests that although the regular intake of calories in a vegan and meat-eater are somewhat same, the risks of being obese are way higher in meat-eaters. On top of that, these individuals also have the maximum chances of cardiac ailments that are induced by carbohydrates and fatty acids. What makes the vegan diet stand ahead in matters of weight loss is simply the fact that it is rich in whole grains, veggies and fruits but remarkably low in fat.

Reduces the chances of inflammation

Right after consuming meat, processed food, desserts and cheese; your body will be prone to higher levels of inflammation. Your arteries too will be paralyzed because of the excess animal fat and their scopes of being open will drastically reduce. Likewise, your lungs too will be inflamed and the entire thing will lead to autoimmune ailments, heart ailments, cancer and even diabetes. Being based on antioxidants and fibers and lacking saturated fats, plant based diets can never be inflammatory.

Cholesterol level drops down

High levels of cholesterol are mainly caused by the excess intake of cheese, poultry and every other animal fat that comes rich in saturated fat. High cholesterol levels can be deadly for your system as they have a high scope of heart ailment and stroke which again, are linked as the topmost killers in the US. It has also been proven in several science journals that vegans have a comparatively lower risk of dying from cardiac ailments. On top of that, your cholesterol levels also drop by 35 percent when you shift to a plant based diets. These diets remarkably reduce your cholesterol levels as they come rich in fiber.

Reduces your scopes of developing Type-2 diabetes

Several researches and studies have proved that adhering to a vegan regime can ‘actually’ treat and prevent your diabetes. Many scientists suggest a strong link between higher animal protein intake and long-term scopes of developing diabetes. The iron, fat and preservatives of nitrate found in animal based food has been proven to damage your pancreatic cells, cause inflammation, induce dramatic weight loss and induce the scopes of type 2 diabetes.

Helps you avoid toxic stuff

Animal products are loaded with several contaminants including pesticides, antibiotics, herbs and hormones, all of which cause several health issues. A significant chunk of cow, pig, turkey and chicken flesh in the US is highly contaminated with dangerous bacteria, E. Coli and other deadly contaminants. Consuming this meat can indeed turn out to be deadly as it causes food poisoning along with several other issues like stomach cramps, multiple organ failure and even death. Shunning meat products can help you stay away from bacteria, parasites and virus, simultaneously inducing your intake of organic stuff.

Make a positive impact on your environment

Yes. Having a proper plant based meal can also positively impact the environment. As you raise animals for food, around 30 percent of the Earth’s land mass is used. On top of that, around 80 percent of the deforested land located in Amazon is now being used as pasture for carrel. If we compare between the resources necessary for producing a pound of animal protein and a pound of soy protein, you will observe that it takes around 12 times more land, 13 times more fossil fuel and 15 times more water for the entire thing. So, as you switch to a plant based meal you not only end up having awesome benefits for your body, but also have a major impact in saving water and other natural sources. Likewise, you also play a vital role in reducing rainforest destruction, climate change and pollution.

Source: Best Healthy Guide