Recently, the Journal of Dental Research has published a study showing that a new tissue regeneration technique can help regenerate teeth pearly whites published.

Dr. Jeremy Mao, Professor Edward V. Zegarellu for dentistry at the Columbia University Medical Center, said that a three-dimensional scaffold with growth factor has the potential to regenerate and press the anatomically correct teeth in just nine weeks after implantation.

The process was developed medical laboratory at the University of the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative. In the process, the body’s own stem cells to the scaffold, which is made from natural materials. Once the scaffold seeded with stem cells of the tooth into the socket begins to develop, and merges with the surrounding tissue later.

Thus, the teeth do not grow in a petri dish, and the anatomically correct teeth regenerated by the use of one’s own body material. These dental implants offers a faster recovery time and in contrast to the implantation a regrowth process naturally.

Patent applications have been filed, and Columbia University is looking for partners to assist in the commercialization of this technology. Dr. Mao looking for the best approach to implement its profitable technique in clinical therapies.