Ground pepper is loaded with alkaloid capsaicin and a number of other nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin E, manganese, and potassium. It also contains lots of flavonoids.

If you are suffering from profuse nose bleeding or deep cuts, you can stop them with pepper.

All you need to do is place some ground pepper (domestic) on the deep cut/scratch. It will stop the profuse bleeding almost immediately.

Interestingly, you will not feel any extra pain. Further, the peppers will help in safely healing it and there will also be no scar. This is an age old folk medicine that has been used as a remedy for centuries.

Even when you have some internal wounds, just drink some pepper mixed in water. It will help stop bleeding quickly.

It is recommended to mix pepper in 1 glass of hot water and take it the moment you get a wound. You may be wounded internally or externally. When taken orally in hot water, the results are instant.

Ground pepper has lots of vitamins and minerals. It will also give you relief from pain, while also fighting muscular inflammation, stiffness in the neck, back pain and other aches.

Pepper has also been found to help in breaking down blood clots. It has also been beneficial in reducing atherosclerosis and preventing risks that lead to thrombus. All these benefits further help minimize the risk of heart attacks.

Pepper has also been found to be beneficial in fighting intestinal diseases. Pepper helps in stimulating our bowels and remove toxins from our body.

Source: Cuisine And Health