The fact is that the majority of females have trouble maintaining the perfect look of their breasts as the time passes. With age, breasts tend to become less elastic and they become saggy. This may cause a lot of ladies to feel insecure and dissatisfied with their appearance.

Some of the most common reasons for the appearance of saggy breasts are: pregnancy, menopause, bad diet, gaining or losing pounds quickly, excessive tanning, unsuitable bras, cigarettes, alcohol, etc. In relation to pregnancy as a cause, it should be noted that breastfeeding is NOT causing saggy breasts – the weight gain is.

There are various ways to prevent this gradual “deformation” of breasts:

  • Keeping your weight at a desirable level
  • Sufficient water intake
  • Proper nutrition and physical activity
  • Using oils and creams based on pomegranates and aloe vera

Some treatments that may help with saggy breasts:

  • Physical exercise (especially exercises that strengthen the chest area, such as push-ups, weight-lifting, etc.)
  • Massages (preferably with ice)
  • Vegetable and essential oils (use them to massage the breast area)

Bonus: A homemade mask that does wonders to saggy breasts (RECIPE)


  • one tbsp. of yogurt
  • one tbsp. of vitamin E oil
  • one egg

Instructions: Simply massage the mixture onto your breasts and let it stay there for half an hour. After that, just remove it using cold water.

Source: Choose Healthy Life