Toilet paper is a very popular household toiletry found in almost every home. we are always so quick to discard the rolls once the tissue is finished, which we all see as the normal thing to do, but what if you found out there were more ways to use the tissue roll rather than discarding them.

Well, am going to show you a few practical ways to use toilet paper rolls instead of just discarding them. You should try them out sometime.

Decorative art mirror

Add some fancy to your walls using the paper roll to create a fancy art mirror. Cut the rolls into smaller portions and then stick them together using a glue, once done place them around your mirror.

Click here for the full step-by-step tutorial.

Create storage container for toy cars

Instead of having the children’s toy cars litter the whole house, create a toilet paper roll garage. It’s unique and stylish.

Seed starter

Using the cardboard is great idea for seed starters because over time, the cardboard will wear and decay. In turn, will allow your plants to grow and flourish richly.

Desk organizer

Spray paint numerous toilet paper roll with a fine color and then glue them to a cardboard, and there you go, a beautiful desk organizer for your writing materials.

Nature-inspired Pencil Holder

Find some tiny branches in the yard, stick them to the toilet paper roll. Plus  you have a beautiful pen or pencil holder.

Bird Feeder

Wrap  a roll with peanut butter, and then cover  with bird seeds.Very easy.

Organize Your Cords

Enfold up cords in a toilet paper roll to keep them neatly organized. The best part is that you won’t have to untangle them!

Organize Your Yarn

Enfold your yarn around a roll and keep it in one place.

Organize Your Scarfs

Safely place toilet paper rolls in an empty cabinet. Then fold your scarves up and place them inside a roll for easy and convenient storage.

Store Wrapping Paper

Safely keep wrapping paper in toilet paper rolls  to prevent from getting rough. It helps to keep it neat.

Create A Simple, Elegant Gift Container

You can create a neat gift storage, anyhow you want it to help hold little gifts !