Is Hair Dye Really that Harmful?

Stylists and barbers have a huge possibility of getting bladder cancer due to their continuous interaction with hair dyes as well as the dangerous toxins they are made up of as stated by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon, France.

Individuals who dye their hair frequently are also in this situation. As a matter of fact, the scalp is rich in blood vessels that ease the movement of the contaminants from the hair dye all around the body. Chemicals located in the majority of hair dyes asides from resulting to bladder cancer also lead to complex diseases like leukemia and lymphoma.

Which kind of Chemicals are seen in known Hair Dyes?

There are 456 various hair dyes catalogued in the database of Skin Deep cosmetic produced by the EWG, it has been discovered that 400 of them contain chemicals that are dangerous and may lead to;

  • Nervous system intoxication
  • Reproduction systems and developmentative systems intoxication
  • Poisoning of the different bodily organs and immune systems
  • Respiratory, ocular, dermal inflammation, alongside allergies
  • Cancer

Chemicals found in “Chestnut brown” or “ash blonde” hair dye:

  • 71 percent of coal tar a well-known carcinogen
  • tetrahydro-6-nitroquinoxaline and Para-phenylenediamine both of which are confirmed to result in animals developing cancer.
  • Formaldehyde, a conservative akin to the growth of cancer and reproductive systems intoxication
  • The DMDM Hydantoin preservative, well known for affecting the intoxication of the immune system and controlled in Japan for the right reasons
  • Eugenol and ingredients are seen in perfumes which result to nervous and immune systems intoxication, allergies and cancer

Sadly, these are only some of the chemicals and toxic hair dye contains. It is advisable to review the labeled ingredients on your hair dye via the database, or running a Google search. You will be amazed by the things many cosmetic products are made of.

Why Should you bypass Dyeing Your Hair?

According to Studies, exposure to hair dye for long periods can lead to serious health problems. Research which was made up of 900 participants comprising of those who kept their natural hair color and those who dyed theirs monthly, proved that people who used hair dyes frequently had a higher possibility of getting bladder cancer making up to 150-200 percent for women who had been using dye for their hair for over 15 years. Additionally, it was noticed that interaction with hair dye for more than 20years could result in various diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis.

Does Safe Hair Dye Exist?

Hair dye is made of chemicals and is best evaded especially by pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding, as the dangerous chemicals can be passed with ease to the baby as well as lead to critical health complications for the baby.

Things to consider in minimizing the levels of risk

  • if you have to select a hair dye, utilize semi-permanent or temporary because the permanent hair dyes are bound to have more toxins
  • Some hair colors are more natural in comparison to others. Those that are made up of a base which includes  herbal dyes, henna, vegetable dyes are made up of fewer toxins
  • Select the salon you get your hair dyes from with wisdom. Inquire from your hairdresser if she utilizes herbal dyes. Also, ask if the shop is kept free of toxins and odors.
  • Choose a lighter shade if its compulsory you dye your hair. Darker shades are made up of more dangerous toxins and chemicals

For women who experience gray hair color before 40 years of age, it’s recommended you visit a physician before dying as gray hair may be due to hypothyroidism.

Ways to produce your personal organic hair dye?

Herbs and vegetables you require in producing your bright hair dye:

  • 2 cups of Strong Chamomile Tea
  • cup of Freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Half a  cup strong calendula tea

How they work? :

  • Your hair would have natural hair highlights after the application of lemon juice to your hair either by brushing and spraying and left for some hours under sunlight
  • If you mix high chamomile tea of about half a cup with two cups of water then spray on your hair and leave for some hours, you will get a brightly colored hair. If you expose it sunlight during this period, a more intense effect will be achieved.
  • Chamomile tea is ideal for the restoration of the softness and shine of your hair if utilized as a hair wash after having a shower.

How is Organic hair dye applied?

All the ingredients should be mixed and placed in a spray bottle, ensure you shake properly before every use. It is best you spray on your hair, allow it be for an hour or more after brushing, for a more intense effect, try exposing it to the sun. This can be done a few times weekly.

The mixture is superb for rinsing hair. If it is not left on the hair and rinsed immediately, it will add shine and vitality to the hair instead of coloring it.

Herbs for Red Hair

Utilizing these herbs cannot make hair red from the beginning. Bear in mind that if your hair is dark red, the result will be an auburn tint. If you have a lighter colored hair, the result will be strawberry shade. Another significance of utilizing red hues is the fact that they get accrued in your hair, the procedure can be repeated as required for the needed effect.

Source: Super Healthy Page