We all know the countless benefits we can derive from unrefined honey but only just recently, there has been a new discovery in the scientific world that there a kind of honey that can eliminate all kinds of bacteria including the ones considered to be very atrocious.

In a publication by the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease it was concluded, after a study that this discovery is of great value especially now when bacteria have become resistant to most antibiotics available. This honey promises to be effective against all bacteria including the super bug.

This is the Manuka Honey which is also known as Jelly Bush Honey. It is made in New Zealand. The manufacturers insisted on patenting their brand and having a trademark to protect it just like whiskey produced by the Scots and the champagne by the French. This is one of the reason why not so many know about the immense benefit of this kind of honey.

It kills Mrsa and other kinds of Super bugs

In a study carried out by the Australian, it was discovered that the Manuka honey has the capacity to eliminate all kinds of pathogen and bacteria that was put against it. You can use it internally or apply externally in cases of cuts, insect bites, or for just infection on the skin. It was also discovered that every superbug the honey killed could not build up a form of immunity against the Manuka honey; this is not possible with antibiotics.

Dr. Carter, a Scholar at the University of Sydney School of Molecular and Microbial Biosciences is of the opinion that most antibiotics produced now don’t stay long before the bacteria they ought to eliminate builds a sort of immunity against them and so turn to be resistant. A lot of pharmaceutical companies have stopped producing antibiotics because of it has become increasing hard to recover costs. The discovery of valuable alternatives will definitely save a lot of lives. He goes on to cite methylglyoxal as the agent that renders Manuka highly effectual in killing bacteria.

Where can you Get Manuka Honey?

Manuka honey can be found in most but not all pharmaceutical stores as well as online notwithstanding the reduced supply and which has resulted in fake Manuka Honey flooding the market. It therefore becomes necessary that you ensure that you purchase a UMF certified honey. UMF stands for Unique Manuka Factor whch is a unique phytochemical property that can only be got from the manuka bush. There are a lot of UMF certified Manuka Honey on Amazon.com

The Manuka Honey has been found to be very effective against familiar health issues people face and there’s a need to conduct more researches to find more uses for this wonder honey.

Source: Organic & Healthy