If you can’t live without sweets, you may be exposing yourself to greater risk of getting cancer! A recent research presented in the magazine Nature Medicine claims that processed sugar presents one of the major inhibitors behind the expansion and advancement of cancer cells.

As a matter of fact, these new findings may lead to the revolution in cancer diagnostics, because from now on it may focus on examining the patients for the way sugar accumulates in their bodies.

This discovery was made by the scientists from the University College London in England, after they adjusted the MRI scanner so as to search exclusively for glucose present in the organism. They were shocked to find out that cancer cells contained large quantities of glucose, which led them to conclude that sugar actually feeds cancer cells.

In addition, these findings could offer alternatives to the radiation injections that are normally used for the detection of tumors. They suggest that since both radiation and sugar feed the cancer (the fact that makes it possible to identify cancer cells using these injections), it could be possible to replace the radiation method with glucoCEST method.

What’s particularly concerning about these recent findings is that they suggest that even a tiny measure of glucose (i.e. sugar) possesses the ability to stimulate the growth of cancer cells. In fact, processed sugar is a fruitful ground for cancer.

After this shocking discovery, most of us are wondering what amount of sugar can we consume safely? American Heart Association asserts that men ought not to consume more than 37g daily, while women ought to restrict their daily intake of sugar to 25g.  However, majority of people in US eat two times more than what’s recommended per day!

Foto: telegraph.co.uk