There are a number of people who have problems in sleeping at night. Insomnia is also a great problem among many people and this causes adverse health effects in a human beings life. If you are one of the people who tend to have insomnia, you do not need to worry. There is a natural remedy that will help you to have a good sleep and you can wake up feeling fresh and happy. This miraculous mixture contains three natural ingredients and it can be prepared very easily so that you can drink this and have a sound sleep.


  • One fourth teaspoon of honey
  • One eighth teaspoon of raw salt
  • 1 table spoon of coconut oil

All three ingredients are highly beneficial for your body as they also help you to relax your mind and calm your senses. The combination of these three ingredients will also help to reduce the effects of spikes in the cortisol that will help you to sleep well and wake up in the morning feeling fresh.

How can the recipe be prepared?

This mixture can be best used at bedtime. You can drink it in two ways.

Mix the coconut oil with the honey and then add the sea salt .Stir the mixture and have a teaspoonful and then have a glass of water.

Consume raw honey and coconut oil separately and then add salt in a glass of water and drink the same.

If you wake up at night, you can have this mixture again and fall asleep in half an hour.

Though honey tends to be sweet, it does not increase the levels of sugar in the body, and helps you to fall asleep easily. It also helps to store the amount of liver glycogen storage for the brain while lack of the same leads to increased secretion of hormones by the adrenal glands like stress hormones and cortisol as well as adrenaline. These hormones can cause sleeping issues as well.

Coconut oil helps in energizing the body and also provides a satiety feeling and also avoids the feeling of hunger. The salt hormone helps to remove the stress hormone levels of the body as well.

Source: Health Advisor Group