Like most people, you’ve probably only glanced at your belly button, or navel, a few times without much thought. Scientists, however, have been studying this strange body part and some of their discoveries have been quite amazing. Here are five, intriguing facts about your navel.

The shape of your belly button can show you if your body’s organs are working properly.

Belly Button Bulging and Shapes Like a “U”

These individuals often have skin issues, and kidney diseases. It can also result in newborns having deformities.

Small Bump Shape

Those with this shape often get the flu or contract viruses.

Tucked Navel

You may have digestive problems. This is also a sign of those with weight problems, and can result in constipation.

Protruding like a Button

Does your navel look protruded like a button? Make sure it doesn’t get any bigger.  If you’ve recently lifted something heavy and it looks normal, this is a symptom of a hernia.

Navel is Almond Shaped

This is indicative of brittle bones. Individuals with this navel shape often experience several migraines, and bone and muscle pain.

Have you looked at your own belly button yet? What do you see? If you spot anything strange, it’s probably best to consult your family doctor to ensure there’s nothing wrong with your health.

Source: My iLifeStyle