Medication and therapy are the most common ways of treating stress and anxiety. While these, undoubtedly, have their pros, they are not the only solutions. This technique offers a cost-free, side effect-free relief and takes as much time as any other medication. Additionally, it is thought to help with more than just anxiety.

First, you will have to think of a reason you are in this position. Focus on a thing that’s causing you anxiety and figure out how anxious that something is making you. You can even use a 1-10 scale, and remember that number. Next, think of a sentence that describes your problem right now and how you would like to feel:

“Even though I (truth about how you feel), I (choice about how you want to feel).”

This will give your anxiety a direction towards release. Now, you can start tapping your meridian points.

Use first two fingers of your hand and gently tap about mid-way between your wrist and your little finger. Repeat this three times, while saying your set-up sentence. If you do not believe what you are saying, keep going.

Now, you use a half second between each tap, to tap these body points five times, in this exact order:

  • The top of your head
  • Between your eyebrows
  • On either side of your eyes
  • The upper cheekbones, under the eye
  • Under the nose, right where the cartilage begins to end
  • The indentation  of your chin
  • In the middle of your collar bone
  • Under your arms, four inches below the armpit
  • And back to the top/middle of your head

These taps should be gently, but a little harder than a tap on your phone’s touchscreen.

When you are done, take a deep breath and repeat your set-up sentence once again. How do you find your anxiety level now? Did the number on your scale drop?

Source: Health and Love Page