With a seeming change in consumer behaviour from the consumption of processed foods to health conscious organic foods; it goes without saying that the grocery stores and even the big brands will have to follow suit.

It seems the demand for organic products over processed ones has caught on with Target.

Target has become a household grocery store with numerous outlets spread across the United States is now towing the line in its attempts to go organic with major brands being pulled off its shelves and replaced by healthier organic ones.

This telling strategy was developed by the company’s CEO – Brian Cornell. Cornell who was appointed in 2014 decided to bring healthy organic food products to the front shelves of all of Target’s grocery stores while relegating the pre-packaged and mass produced foods to the back. This idea of relegating processed foods to the background according to him is to give organic foods more prominence and to encourage the consumption of it especially now that there seems to be a craze for the natural.

Target may just be doing what seems to be the trend with major super markets and stores; with processed food demand declining it is only normal to refocus their efforts on organic alternatives. This is a point also highlighted by Take Apart .

It is clear that there is now a shift in consumer behaviour from processed foods to organic foods. It is also worthy of note that these big super stores are aware of this change and are adjusting subsequently. Even the big brands which produce pre-packaged and mass produced foods are re-strategizing and are producing more health conscious foods.

Source:  Minds.com