We all know the white synthetic netting that can be found in the outer fabric of boys’ swim shorts. Well, we got a warning from a concerned mum today saying the meshed netting is more dangerous than it appears. Apparently there was a terrifying accident that could have had an outcome far worse and which gives us a timely reminder that the mesh netting in boys’ swimsuits is not quite safe.

Laura Collins’ son, Jack, got his penis strangled in a meshed netting in what could be referred to as a freak accident and it was so bad that his penis could have been completely cut off. Earlier this month, Laura was holidaying in Spain with five-year-old Jack. At a point, Jack needed to take off his swim shorts so she went into the shower with him. When she pulled down the shorts she noticed that Jack’s penis was caught and was literally being strangled in the netting.


No Mother Wants To See Her Child in So Much Pain

“He was screaming in a way I had never heard before”, she stated. She immediately rushed him to their hotel’s medical center as he cried in agony, but unfortunately they couldn’t help her. The 33-year-old consultant to a weight loss club continued to The Mirror, “I carried him into the hotel reception and requested for a pair of scissors,” But as much as she and the hotel staff tried they were unable to release the distraught little boy’s penis from the netting. “His penis had two little skin-like bubbles on either side of it,” she said. “I thought it could burst at any time”


Doctors say they see this all the time

Now in panic mode, Laura rushed Jack to a nearby hospital where doctors confirmed that they see this type of accidents all the type, and then warned that it happened more often than parents realized. They gave Jack a local anesthetic before managing to free his penis from the stranglehold of the netting.


Initially, they were concerned about permanent damage to his urinary tract or other internal parts of his penis, but it didn’t take long before Jack was able to discharge urine without any problems and the doctors affirmed that he didn’t suffer any long-term damage.



Little boys need to be taught how to protect their penises.

The average little boy has no idea how sensitive or delicate the area around his penis is, so the tendency is to treat it roughly and maybe not as carefully as required. Because of this, their penises are more prone to accidents. A mismatch in foreskin and penis proportions means they are easily caught or trapped.

I remember the story of another young boy who is around Jack’s age who was rushed to the hospital because his foreskin got stuck when he pulled it back in the bath. He was in a lot of pain just like Jack and the doctors had to give him sedative gas before managing to free the foreskin. It was a harrowing experience for the little boy.


Gratefully, little jack is glad and healthy

Laura says that her son has recovered fully without any problems, at the same time she’s calling on all parents to cut out the netting in boys’ swimming shorts.

“Jack was really upset after the incident but he’s happy and running around like all five-year-olds do,” Laura said to The Mirror. “He talks about it a lot, especially to his friends. Warning them about the naughty netting and how he almost lost his willy. He doesn’t want them to experience what he had to go through.”

Laura also appealed to parents on Facebook “Please remove the netting from your kids’ swim shorts”

We’re happy to hear that the rest of Jack’s holiday went swimmingly without any other ugly incidents.

Source: Family Health Freedom Network