The digestive system which consists of the large and small intestine is a key part of the human body. The muscular tube or the colon in the large intestine absorbs water and salt from the rest of the food material that goes through to the small intestine.

The function of the colon is to remove feces, regulates body digestion and additionally absorbs undigested food.

Its proper function is to control digestion without any issues and the general well being. This can be achieved by the proper cleansing of the colon.

We therefore have an astounding colon cleansing treatment with fantastic results which comprises of capable ingredients such as lemon, ginger, and apple.

Ginger: is very useful hot root utilized for a considerable length of time

With numerous health benefits. It is perfect in the avoidance and treatment of sickness, including joint pain, hypertension, headaches, cold and catarrh.

As indicated by Zadeh et al about ginger “…. Enhances metabolism, diminishes flatulence and constipation by activating muscular action in the digestive tract.

Apples – a wellspring of fiber that are exceptionally supportive for digestion. Cornell University indicated that the soluble fiber that is found in apples in huge amounts can help bring down blood cholesterol, reduce the digestion of starch from foods and balance sugar levels.”

Also, they cited “digestion rate, absorption of food, nutrient and removal of waste materials through the colon is affected by the colon.”

Lemon – which also known as a citrus natural product implies that it is rich in vitamin C and powerful cancer prevention agents.

Lemons effectively help in digestion and when consolidated with warm water they can be exceptionally favorable by “maintaining stomach acids, enhancing metabolism and relieving issues, for example, bloating, acidity and heartburn, “distributed in the European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research.

We therefore present a wonderful colon purifying drink that enhances digestion and general health.

The 3-Juice Recipe

Required Ingredients:

  • Half cup of raw apple juice
  • Half cup of filtered warm water
  • One spoon of ginger juice
  • Half teaspoon of salt
  • Two freshly squeezed lemon juice

Method of preparation

Mix the entire ingredients in a jar and stir well. Drink a substantial amount in a large jar in the early morning on an empty stomach for the best results.

After lunch, drink additional two large quantities from a glass and two more in the evening at about 6 to 7pm.

In one day in order to fulfill the purifying process, drink a minimum of 5 glasses or 8 small glasses to enjoy all associated benefits.

But first seek medical advice from a specialist on colon cleansing if you are diabetic, hypertensive or expecting.