Early recognition is the best possible way to solve kidney disease. People might not realize this, but the symptoms start showing a long time ago. You just fail to recognize them and, in the end, suffer from huge problems. The symptoms are such that they are very easy to be dismissed. But after going through this article, you will think twice after you have seen such a symptom.

  • Go see the doctor in case of back pain in the lower region

Firstly the lower back, especially the one which you sleep on, pains tremendously. The kidney on that side may somehow get damaged. For instance, if you wake up in the middle of the night for urinating, your lower back will pain terribly and after urinating, slowly the pain will relieve and you will start feeling a lot better.

  • Are skin diseases showing up?

Itchiness and dryness of skin might also be due to kidney failure. The organ that helps to detoxify the blood is the kidney. And if somehow the same is damaged, eventually a lot of skin related problems like rashes might start showing up.

  • Cannot remove the appropriate amount of waste

A more serious and critical symptom is the swelling of different body parts. The kidney is responsible for throwing out the excessive wastes from the body. But, if the kidney is damaged, then the function cannot be performed in a proper manner. Thus, wastes start to accumulate which appears like swelling.

The patterns of your urine may show some changes. It might turn foamy or a lot more concentrated. In some cases, the color of the urine changes. This is the ultimate symptom which verifies kidney damage to the fullest.

  • Kidney failure can cause anemia as well

A vitamin call erythropoietin carries oxygen to the RBCs, and the kidney is responsible for doing that. Because kidney secretes this vitamin and when the kidney is damaged, there is secretion of such drug thus people suffering from anemia, might start to faint more often if the proper medication was not done.

Cadmium causes kidney disorders. This harmful metals slowly grow in the food chain and then suddenly it appears inside the human body.

  • Few tips on how to prevent kidney failure

All you need to do to prevent kidney damage is to stay away from harmful places. Smoky places are fully jammed up with some amount of cadmium which can pose a great threat to your body and especially to your kidney. Thus, you have to exercise and eat more green leafy vegetables to keep up the immune system. This will eventually prevent any sort of damage to the kidney. Thus, keep in mind these few symptoms that might come in handy.