As a customer, my goal is always to get the most out of every purchase I make, but I always look out for those opportunities where I can enjoy the maximum benefits from my purchase at the least cost to me.

I try to never compromise in price when it comes to getting the best of what I need. Living healthy will require a routine that might seem very expensive to many people. There have been confirmations that the reason for eating unhealthy is because the individual believes they will not be able to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Bargain hunters like us go all the way out, dedicating a lot of time to find the best deals and at the same time we can enjoy immense benefits from our purchases.

So how can this goal be achieved?

A good example I when I went to the local shop to get some items like shampoo, nail polish, toothpaste and bathing soap. I was amazed at the prices that were displayed. I knew that the natural derivative version of these items where much cheaper. The big question was how could I get the items I really wanted without any compromise? Getting the best bargain.

I bought the following items at an amount that will seem very cheap to many people.

  1. Coconut Oil

How to make the best selection among the available options on the shelf- you will be able to easily do this by reading the labels on the packaging. You should watch out for the following keywords- unrefined, cold pressed, organic, extra virgin and fair trade.


What are the benefits of coconut oil?

There are many benefits of this product, some notable benefits are-

  1. It’s rich in fatty acids that have potent medicinal properties.
  2. It is a good source of energy
  3. It helps to maintain a good blood cholesterol level
  4. It has antimicrobial properties
  5. It is very good for people who need to shed weight.



Coconut oil has many applications, some notable ones are-

  1. It can be used as a moisturizer for the body
  2. It will be the perfect conditioner for your hair
  3. Renew your energy by taking this oil with your breakfast.
  4. It adds a nice flavor to meals when used for cooking
  5. It is very good to maintain a good dental health.


  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

What to look out for– you need to ensure that the ACV is raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized and unheated. These features will ensure that you will get all the health benefits from this product. There are many good brand sin the markets that possess these features.

The benefits of this product- It is very good for the hair and skin. It adds a nice scent when applied in your home to get rid of bad odor.


A drink in the morning will revive your system to handle your diet all through the day.

Beauty product- as a facial toner, it will help dissolve and remove make up to open up the skin pores. It will also brighten up areas with spots and acne.

It is wonderful when used on hair. The recipe for this is- mix half tablespoon of ACV with 1 cup of water. Wash into your hair and rinse with water. Your hair will begin to have a glow that will make you very happy.


  1. Baking Soda

Baking soda is effective in preventing colds and flu.

The preferred product- there is many good brands out there. Just make sure you are buying from a reliable source.

The benefits– considering the number of things it can do, baking soda is relatively cheap.


I have used baking soda for exfoliation; the results have always been awesome every time.

It is also good for the treatment of rashes, sunburn; insect bites etc. just apply a little quantity on your skin with a clean piece of cloth.

Baking soda also gives the hair a new spring when used as a hair wash.

As a deodorant, baking soda will get rid of bad smell when applied in your arm pit.


I know there are many people out there that have already discovered these awesome products and their uses. I need to state there are many undiscovered application so keep experimenting and let us know what you come up with.

If this is your first time of reading about these products and their uses, give them a trial today and let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

Source: FitLife.TV