If you have obese thighs and wish to get toned them down, then here are some exercises that can help you do so soon.

Lie down on your back and then lift up your legs straight. Slowly bend your knees and then again push your legs up straight so that the tension is created in the muscles. Do this continuously for 10 times and make 3 sets of 10 times each. Take a break of one minute in between the sets.


While you are lying at your back, keep your hands down on the floor. Now lift your leg high and cross them like a scissor about 10 times. Do not stop until you have completed crossing the legs for 10 times. Do this in a set of 3.


Stand straight and spread your legs at the width of your shoulder.  Now keeping your hands forward, take a step at your leg side. Now bend the knee of your right leg as you are if you sitting on it. Similarly do for the left leg. Do at least 10-15 such lunges for each side.

Ball Compressing

Again lye on your back and this type bend the knees. Now put an elastic ball in between both your legs and keep your hands by your side. Now try to pull your belly by raising your bottom. Stay in this posture for about a minute and then come back to your position. Continue doing this at least 5 times.

Intense strain

Lie on the left side and support your head on your hand. Bend the knees of your right leg and try to touch it on the ground. Now lift the right leg up and again do the same. Continue doing this on both the sides with alternative legs.

Defeating the Resistance

Position your legs at the width of your shoulder and put an elastic fitness band mid-calf. Now raising the left foot, try to move it sideways. Going back to the actual position, try doing the same with the other leg. Do the same for 10 times with each leg.