What is a migraine and why is it caused? This is a question that has been haunting scientists and researchers for a long time. Although the real cause of migraine is still not found out, there are some ways in which it can be relieved.

Changes those are responsible for migraine

Though the cause of migraine is not known, it is said that some changes in the body may bring about migraine attacks. This may include stress in the body, hormonal related changes, emotional triggers and changes in the diet. Hormonal changes comprise of menstruation cycles. Emotional triggers usually comprise of tension and depression, some aftershock, depression and anxiety. If you have enough caffeine in a day, this might also trigger migraine attacks. Smoking as well as changes in the climate and dehydration can also be a cause of migraine attacks.

The symptoms of migraine

The symptoms of migraine may be as follows. One side of the forehead throbs so badly that you would feel a need to vomit. It is accompanied by nausea, increased sensitivity to light as well as sound, numbness, dizziness and tingling in the fingers.

How can migraine be treated

There is no treatment as such for migraine. Pain relieving tablets can help up to a certain amount, but if the attack is severe then tablets would not help. The best way to relieve our self from the pain is shifting to a dark and cool room, closing your eyes and sleeping for a while, placing some cold thing on the forehead so that the pain goes and having enough water at frequent intervals. Apart from the water some electrolyte is also required

The migraine reliever

This mixture if taken once in a day can relieve you from migraine pains. Take a cup of water, lemon juice from half lemon and two teaspoons of salt. The Salt contains varieties of minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and other nutrients that are required by the body. This drink should be held once in a day. This is a good remedy that can be tried out at home.

The best home remedies

Try out these simple home remedies and you can be sure that your migraine attacks would be lesser than usual. Ensure that people with migraine do not stress themselves or do not stand in sunlight for long or have an irregular food habit. This may help to trigger migraine attacks. Also avoid eating too much cheese, chocolate and junk food for migraine.