Why eat seasonal fruits and vegetables?

When you eat foods during their season, and when it is envisaged to grow and grow up, eat them the healthiest, tastiest and when they are almost the cheapest.

Experts point out several important reasons why we should all start eating seasonal ingredients.

They’re cheaper

Time is of the recession, so it becomes increasingly difficult to keep a healthy and tasty. Eating seasonally means spare wallet, while you are enjoying when they are the healthiest.

They are tastier

For most of the taste of food is as important as price. When you eat seasonal foods, eat them when they are the most delicious. During the year a number of foods, which look wonderful, coming from various parts of the world and all are not only tasty and healthy.

Thery are healthier

For the cultivation of food during their season is necessary to use fewer chemicals that enable their growth and maturation. Scientists have shown that pesticides can increase the risk of various diseases.