I always wore shoes in the house every time. I always placed my shoes alongside my outfit in the bedroom and moved to the bathroom to put makeup and lastly down the stairs to get out of my house.

During that one everyday activity,  I probably passed through seventy-five percent of my home. I would place my flip flops on when I get back from errands as I kept aside the groceries and cleaned up my home. I frequently used flip flops as slippers.

Recently, I abide by a rule for visitors ¨C NO SHOES allowed in the house. The rule applies to family, friends, repairers and even babysitters. I know it is inconvenient, but I do not want anyone placing tracks of their day all over my house, specifically now that there is a baby around.

Here are three main reasons why this rule should also be enforced by you:


Putting on your shoes in the house means that you are also bringing in liquid, junk and other dirt from the environment. This slowly wrecks your hardwood floors and carpeting.  Then, when you make the decision not to wear the shoes any longer, you use your bare feet in walking over dirt that you already tracked all over the house. You also use those same feet to climb your bed at night which is disgusting.

Bacteria & Toxins.

Imagine all the areas you walked through today. Sidewalks that animals poop on, public restrooms, grocery stores where the liquid was just spilt, hospitals or perhaps your day job is in a factory that uses toxic chemicals.

Now imagine all those underneath your shoes like Bacteria and toxins in enormous amounts. According to a study, there are nine various kinds of bacteria underneath your shoes which makes a toilet seat cleaner than them.

Regardless of if you bring in c.diff or e.coli which result to severe diarrhea or cramps, it will keep living and growing once it is introduced in the house and if it’s walked on the floors.

Walking barefoot is ideal for you.

Walking barefoot each day can aid you with a lot of common problems which include chronic pain, stress and energy levels, According to expert David Wolfe.

What’s the easiest way this rule can be applied?

When we are not home, I place a sign which is handwritten and has a friendly tone which says; please take off your shoes¡± alongside a smiley face. We just ask them if they mind removing their shoes if they are home and no one has given us many issues so far, and I am certain it will be the same experience for you.

Source: FitLife.TV