Have you ever heard that groceries, which have relished your taste buds so far, can actually help in fighting cancer and preventing tumor growth? Sounds quite appealing! Though all groceries do not have the anti-cancer property, there are some, which can actually help in combating this deadly disease. Some items with anti-cancer property are green tea, turmeric, tomatoes, blueberries, red wine and black chocolate. Patients undergoing chemotherapy can readily vouch on these foods for preventing the tumor growth.

What makes them powerful?

The seven cancer fighting groceries are rich in anti-angiogenesis property, which help them in fighting with cancer. Angiogenesis refers to the stage in which blood vessels are created in the body before a baby is born. However, the process does not get over after birth and it is this process that leads to formation of tumors. Yet, doctors mostly focus on removing the tumor but seldom considers about the cause behind it.

The seven groceries if consumed regularly will focus on the cause of the disease and will offer the best possible results. Like any other disorders, food is necessary for every tumor and the consumption of these groceries reduces angiogenesis, which in turn prevents food from reaching the tumor. As the tumors do not get nutrients and oxygen needed for its growth, it cannot develop further and after some time starts diminishing its size. Most of the cancer medicines are actually inhibitors, which are aimed at reducing angiogenesis and combat with its activators. Yet, its result is not the same as chemotherapy as it only aims at stopping the cause.

Just learning about the seven groceries to help in dealing with cancer is not all. You need to know about their effects in detail.

Effects Of Red Wine

Found in the skin of grapes, it is a great source of Resveratrol antioxidant. Many nutritionists have praised this antioxidant for its ability to reduce hearth and slow down aging. It is also known for offering better glucose tolerance, eliminating free radicals, improving mental aptitude and energy production and heart operation. It also eliminates bacteria, virus from the skin; checks cell destruction risk from radiation and at the same time repairs DNA.

To get the best effects you need to take around 250ml of wine as it generally offers 640mcg Resveratrol. However, some wines have better concentrations like Pinot Noir or Bordeaux. People who do not like alcohol can opt for Resveratrol supplements and mix them with grapes for an improved effect.

Effect Of Tomato

Men can reduce the risk of prostrate cancer by 50 percent if they consume cooked tomatoes everyday, states a Harvard research. This small red grocery effectively combats with angiogenesis for its high content of lycopene. The best part is, lycopene easily gets distributed in the digestion system by breaking into the body fat. In order to get the best effects, there is no need to cook tomatoes separately. It can be used in curries at ease.

Green Tea and Coffee

Both tea and coffee if consumed regularly can help in preventing cancer to some great extent.

Effect of Blueberries

Berries, especially raspberries and blueberries are known for their anti-cancer properties. It is a boon for women as the phytochemicals present in it can fight ovarian cancer in the best way. These fruits are also known for stress-reduction and ant oxidation.


Turmeric if consumed everyday can help in cutting the risk of cancer. It is also important for fat reduction and is bundled with loads of health benefits.

Dark Chocolate

The yummy desert is a great cancer-fighting agent. Not only that but also it is good for heart health.

Source: Home Healthy Recipes