Brain cancer is a life threatening disease and once detected can shatter all hopes of the patient. Kelly Hauf, mother of two teenage girls was no exception, when her CT Scan report stated that she had a tumor measuring 3cm on her brain’s left frontal lobe. Both she and her husband lost all hopes, when her cancer was first detected in the year 2000. Yet, they continued the treatment and she got operated in the year 2003. However, their ordeal did not end even after the operation, as the MRI conducted a couple of months after the surgery revealed the regrowth of tumor.

The news of regrowth was not the only upsetting thing. Kelly was really horrified when her surgeon asked her to go for chemotherapy for around four to six months. She was even advised an operation if the chemotherapy did not offer the desired result. While the couple was making the preparation for Kelly’s chemotherapy, they read an article in which they learn that tumor cells are not completely removed in chemo and can aggravate later in life. It is then they started to look for some alternative treatment and came to know about Charlotte’s Web Cannabis Oil.

How It Works?

Going by the personal experience of Kelly, she started the treatment by opting for a 90 days regime and relocated to San Francisco to obtain a medical marijuana card needed for the treatment. While the treatment continued, she kept on juicing different non-GMO vegetables regularly. She also maintained an organic diet completely gluten free. To ensure complete safety, she even installed water treatment machine that offered pure alkaline water for drinking. This was not all. She even gave importance to the daily intake of fresh air and went for a walk. While talking about her experience, she said, “I had an arsenal of cancer fighting supplements, foods, and daily practices to work on my physical, spiritual, and emotional health.” Kelly, who was much benefited with the treatment recommended the oil to others and stated

The Final Outcome

Kelly went for an MRI after the 90 days course and found that the small tumor that was detected 10 years back had completely disappeared. Yet, the main regrowth was still there it has been before. Vanishing of the smaller tumor encouraged Kelly to continue with the treatment and she used it for another eight months. The MRI report after 8 months showed significant improvement in her condition, as the regrowth just became a scar tissue. Though Kelly has to go for MRI’s at regular interval to ensure that there is no regrowth of tumor, she is now in the best of health and thanked cannabis treatment. While praising the treatment she said that she would like to recommend medical marijuana to others as well ad does not want people to have any misconceptions regarding this highly advantageous treatment. She is even ready to tell her story to others so that they can understand the effectiveness of this therapy in the treatment of cancer.

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