It has been well established that cancer cells require sugar to thrive. This natural treatment comprising of honey/maple syrup and baking soda may seem to be ironic. But in this case sugar works in a different way.

The baking soda is the key ingredient. It will neutralize the sugar so that the cancerous cells are unable to use it for growth. Besides, honey works against cancer cells. Cancer cells have been found to use 15 times the glucose consumed by our healthy cells.

Because of these advantages, baking soda is not only going to penetrate the cancer cells, it will also remove them.

Natural Recipe for Fighting Cancer

You will need only honey and baking soda for this recipe.

Mix 1 part of baking soda in 3 parts of honey. Make sure to mix thoroughly so that you have a mixture with good uniformity. Heat it over low fire for some minutes and your cancer-fighting remedy is ready.

How to Use?

Take just 3 tsp of the mixture over a day. Follow this treatment for 30 days. You must take care that you don’t consume sugar, white flour or meat through this duration.

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Original Article Source: Viral Alternative News