In maximum cases, today people have amalgam seal and of course they are using a cell phone. The same thing is with you also, if you have an amalgam seal, and this can be really very dangerous.

By now you must have read at many places about the radio frequency waves emitted by the mobiles phones that are so much harmful. But maybe you are not aware- of one another study that shows that the effects can even worsen if you have an amalgam seal as the seal contains mercury. Studies have proved that the radio waves cause the mercury from the seal to get released that gets mixed in your body.

The studies lately have also shown that if you are exposed too much to such electromagnetic radiations such as cell phones, then the mercury level in your blood rises up.

Apart from the cell phones, there many more devices such as computers, TV, microwaves and others that emits such electromagnetic radiations.

The amalgam seals are rich in mercury in your body. This, itself is quite dangerous for your health because mercury can lead to a number of problems such as neurological and well as immunological issues. It has been also studied recently that the amalgam seals in your tooth keep on releasing mercury steam that mixes in your blood and reached your lungs. Also when the steam is in your bloodstream, it also enters in the cells.

While you are using your cell phone, the mercury in the seal combines with the electromagnetic radiation through the process of galvanism and this creates an electrical field inside your mouth. It means increased amount of mercury steam in your body that flows down to the blood. The flow of the steam is measured in terms of microamperes.

Clinic studies show that the oral galvanism increases the steam flow to about 5 microamperes that creates a number of health issues such as headache, migraine, dizziness, nausea and even organism. The problem can be of course treated, if the amalgam seal is replaced with something safer.

Even this electromagnetic radiation with mercury can also cause poisoning allergies.

Another study shows that if the electrical potential is of 50 millivolts, then this causes galvanism and other toxic reactions. It is not only when you use the cell phone. This can also happen to people who are more prone to microwave.

After experimenting on humans and certain animals, it has been found that the electromagnetic radiation released by the cell phone also reduces the melatonin amount in the body due to impacts of cellular calcium. This again is a dangerous situation, because it is the melatonin that protects your body from various free radicals such as mercury.

Staying safe from electromagnetic radiation:

  • Avoid talking over the cell phone quite often.
  • Use Wi-Fi or such networks when you actually use them.
  • Prefer to use wired phones.
  • Avoid using laptops and other such devices using very often.
  • Always keep your bed at least 15 cm far from the wall.

Also one thing that you can do is to bring in electromagnetic gauge that can help you in measuring which area are those that are more prone to the electromagnetic radiation.

Staying safe from mercury

There is only one answer to this that is replacing your mercury amalgam seal with some other amalgam seals that is free of mercury.

Source: Fine Living Advice